Florida Medical Marijuana Update June 25,2017

Florida Medical Marijuana Update June 25,2017

Here is a Florida Medical Marijuana Update.

I spoke to Dr Amadi.   She has been totally on top of this.

This is what she told me:

Good morning! Exciting news as the Medical Marijuana Bill was signed yesterday. You no longer have to wait 90 days and  there is no sales tax on their purchases.

You cannot GET a card without FIRST seeing a doctor! If you see one and the doctor agrees that medical marijuana would be appropriate for you, they will then enter you in the medical marijuana database which then provides you with the links to be able to apply for the medical marijuana card.

The doctor has to be certified to “recommend” marijuana. The doctor becomes certified to do this by taking a 2 hr. online course (and paying $500!). Any type of doctor is allowed to become a certifying doctor. ( Dr Amadi is  a PCP and  also a holistic family practice doctor who prefers to address things herbally, if appropriately, rather than with pharmaceuticals unless those are absolutely necessary to stabilize the person until they can get better using more natural means.)

Here is a little more information regarding prescribing doctors.


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