Florida Forest Service Interactive Fire Map

Florida Forest Service Interactive Fire Map

The Florida Forest Service has an interactive map. It describes the location of a brush fire or wildfire, that location’s history of fires, and much more.

If you see a fire in your area, please get to safety before calling 911. Then give them as much information as possible, including location.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services offers different programs that help people and homeowners understand fire prevention, the importance of fire fuel, and what they can do to limit the impacts of fire.

Interactive Map

Wildfire Prevention

From the Florida Forrest Service:

“Wildfires can cause major environmental, social, and economic damages. The loss of timber, wildlife habitat, homes, and even lives may result from a devastating wildfire. The wildfire that does not start is the one that does not have to be fought.

Prevention is the key in helping to reduce the number of human-caused fires- one of the most important goals for the Florida Forest Service. Even though Florida is the lightning capital of the world, arson and escaped debris burning are still the two main causes of wildfires in Florida.

Florida’s fire-dependent ecosystems and year-round fire season pose a challenge to wildland firefighters in their attempt to continually educate Floridians and visitors about wildfire danger in Florida.  The Florida Forest Service has several education and mitigation programs aimed at reducing all types of human-caused fire.”

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