FDOT hopeful northbound Roosevelt Bridge can open to 2-way traffic by end of week

FDOT hopeful northbound Roosevelt Bridge can open to 2-way traffic by end of week

Stuart, Fl (treasurecoast.com)- FDOT is hopeful that northbound Roosevelt Bridge can open to 2-way traffic by the end of the week.

From Representative Toby Overdorf

June 23rd UPDATE – non-destructive testing continues BUT it’s almost done! On track for finishing tomorrow. Also, the FDOT is bringing in load testing trucks that will drive over the bridge while specialized instruments will be placed below to measure the strains and stresses of the bridge. Those trucks are on there way as I write this.

Ranger Construction won the bid for the bridge reconfiguration and they are already on site removing the current median and separator to prepare for new asphalt and a new traffic pattern.

Striping of the northbound bridge is complete. It is striped for four lanes, however the final amount of traffic allowed on the bridge is yet to be determined.

The shoring work is still continuing and it is important to note that this work has to be done BEFORE Dixie Highway widening can start.

Tomorrow is a HUGE day for decisions. FDOT will gather all data, review their findings and make the decision of WHAT to open and WHEN to open it. It is not likely the decision will happen before tomorrow evening. However, traffic (in some configuration) will “soon” be resuming travel over and under the Roosevelt Bridge (hopefully by the end of the week).

Kudos to City if Stuart Police Department, Sewalls Point PD, and the Martin County Sherrif’s office for the extra duty they are doing to keep traffic flowing.

While a reopening date has not been set, the Florida Department of Transportation said northbound lanes of the bridge may initially carry just one lane of traffic in each direction. With more summer gridlock ahead, one business near the bridge is trying to make it easier for people to get around.

Here is an option- a water taxi!

Tuesday, June 23rd update from FDOT:

Inspection of the Roosevelt Bridge structures will continue through at least Wednesday. FDOT hopes to provide a timeline for re-opening after these inspections are complete. Efforts to shore the southbound structure with support towers is ongoing and is expected to be complete soon while the northbound structure is prepped to serve as a detour route with one lane in both directions when deemed safe to do so. In addition, load testing trucks will be utilized to serve as a second level of verification in regard to load calculation on the northbound bridge.

FDOT also reminds motorists using Florida’s Turnpike as a detour route, but do not have a SunPass transponder, MUST proceed as they typically would through the cash lane and obtain a paper ticket. When they exit the Turnpike, they must give the ticket to the attendant so they will not be charged.


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