FAQs: Answers to citizens’ questions regarding new waste service in PSL

FAQs: Answers to citizens’ questions regarding

new waste service in PSL

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL – Since announcing that the City of Port St. Lucie will be moving to automated waste collection service this fall, residents have asked many questions about the upcoming changes. To provide transparent and accurate information, City leaders have the following answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. This information, along with more details about the City’s solid waste efforts, can be found at www.cityofpsl.com/solidwaste.

Why is the City switching to a new waste collection contractor this fall?

After months of gross non-performance under its contract, Waste Pro will cease operations in September. The City is now requesting proposals from new, qualified solid waste collection and transportation vendors.

Why is the City going to once a week pick-up?

Automated service will streamline collection and provide consistent service for the size of our City. Garbage will be picked up mechanically by the truck, the same way our recycling is currently collected. It requires all customers to use a new garbage cart.
Changing to a once-a-week pickup was a recommendation of the City’s Solid Waste Task Force after they analyzed Port St. Lucie’s service. This is primarily due to the anticipation of increased costs for solid waste services under a new contract.

Why is the City ordering carts now?

A minimum of 90 days is need in between the time carts are ordered and when they are delivered. To ensure we have carts ready in September for the automated service, the City had to order them in advance.

What size cart will I receive?

The plan is to provide all residents with a 96-gallon garbage cart late this summer. However, residents can instead request a 64-gallon garbage cart if they believe the 96-gallon cart will not fit their needs. More details on how to request the cart will be available soon.

Specific questions about HOA’s, please reach out to your HOA.

The City has reached out to HOAs to determine if the HOA’s homeowners would prefer 96 or 64 gallon carts, which would be used uniformly throughout that particular neighborhood.

Why did the City pick a 96-gallon cart?

The new 96-gallon cart is based on what a typical family uses for once per week service. This cart is 3x’s bigger than a normal trash can. The 96-gallon cart provides similar capacity to what most families use for the current twice per week service.

Why can’t I use my current cart?

The City will be changing to an automated trash service and we must ensure the carts will work appropriately with these trucks.

Why isn’t the cost of the new cart free?

This automated service requires the purchase of new carts in order to work with the automated trucks. This cost will be a part of the solid waste fee on your property tax bill.

What do we do with our old carts?

Consider repurposing your old garbage cart and making it your new yard waste cart.

Can I request an additional cart and what is the cost?

When the new automated program begins, additional carts will be available at a fee that is yet to be determined. The new hauler will be providing these additional carts.

What about large items that won’t fit in the cart?

There will be a once a month scheduled bulky waste pick-up day. As another option, resident could bring bulky items and yard waste to the voluntary bulky and yard waste drop-off site. It is open seven days a week, from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., until further notice.

Will I be able to maneuver the cart?

The new garbage carts will be similar to your current recycling cart. The difference in weight between the 96-gallon cart and the 64-gallon cart is 3 pounds when empty.

What about the recycling cart?

Residents will keep their current recycling cart and continue to use it for recycling collection.

Can I look at a cart to compare sizes before I decide to request the smaller size?

The 96-gallon and 64-gallon carts are now on display at City Hall and St. Lucie West Services District for residents who would like to see them in person.

If my cart gets lost or stolen or gets broken, what do I do?

The City will replace it, please notify us through 1PSL at 772-871-1775. It will have a 10-year warranty.

When will we know our designated pick-up day?

Once Council selects the new haulers, service days will be assigned. The hauler will begin in September.

What happens if my pick up day falls on a holiday?

When a residential curbside customer’s scheduled collection Day falls on a Holiday (e.g., Independence Day; Thanksgiving Day; Christmas Day), the Contractor shall make arrangements to collect on an alternative day of the Holiday week. A Monday holiday would shift the entire pickup schedule for the week by one day. Friday regular service would be provided on Saturday, thus being caught up within the holiday week.

When will a new contract be approved?

Details and terms of the new contract are expected to be voted on by the City Council in May.
Why can’t we use the administrative charges withheld from Waste Pro due to poor service to pay for these carts?
The City has incurred additional costs to supplement poor service from Waste Pro over the past two years and hired an additional contractor to pick up bulk and yard waste. The additional costs will be paid for from the administrative charges.
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