Family of Missing Jupiter Teens Say Findings Along Georgia Coastline are Not Conclusive


A search and rescue team says that they may have found a connection between Austin and Perry and the life jackets found 20 miles off the coast of Georgia.

This comes after a recent YouTube video was posted by an individual search company.

VK9 Scent Specific Search and Recovery says their canine matched the scent of found life jacket to Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen. Richard Bowie with DEEMI, a team searching for the boys, says more testing is necessary. The life jackets must now be sent for DNA testing to confirm the match.

The family of missing Jupiter teen Perry Cohen says a search and rescue dog’s findings along the Georgia coastline south of Savannah are not conclusive. Carly Black, Austin Stephanos’ mom, says the findings are not true.



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  • Posted 9 years ago

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