Family looking for missing Lyft driver father who has vanished

Family looking for missing Lyft driver father who has vanished

Palm Beach County, Fl ( Palm Beach Gardens Police say they are looking for 74-year-old Gary Levin after his family filed a missing persons report.
Lindsay DiBetta, says her father is a Lyft driver and was on his way to pick up customers around 1 p.m. but just an hour later his phone was off and it hasn’t been turned back on since.
Here is the  info from  his daughter:
My dad Gary Levin, has been missing since yesterday. He was last seen doing a Lyft pickup yesterday afternoon, we believe it was local to Palm Beach Gardens Florida. Since then his phone has been turned off and we have lost all communication with him. If anyone knows my dad they know that he is never without his technology… he drives a Red 2022 Kia Stinger, Florida license plate 81ABTY. Please share this if you are local to the Florida area or know anyone in that area. ?
***Just some updates:
1/30: Was last logged into his Lyft driver app as of about 1:22 pm Monday. His car was last picked up by highway sensors in the Miami area Monday, and it was later seen near Okeechobee. It would be completely unlike him to be driving without his phone turned on. Phone was last on at 4pm in Okeechobee FL. We are waiting on Drive with Lyft to provide more details to palm beach gardens police department. Please report any information to them!
2/1: Car spotted in Gainesville FL
2/2: We are waiting on Verizon, Kia America and Drive with Lyft to get back to us for location details. Please share so they see this is an urgent matter!!!
I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to everyone who has reached out today. To everyone who has expressed interest in helping and everyone who has shared this… you are helping and my family is very grateful. Thank you all I will continue to update this post as we get information that can help us find my Dad.
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