Fake contractor arrested. He cashed the check but didn’t do the work!

Fake contractor arrested. He cashed the check but didn’t do the work!

Stuart, Fl (treasurecoast.com)- The Stuart Police have reported the arrest of Marco Ricetti.

He cashed the check but never did the work.

Are we surprised? No!

Here is the info:

Marco Ricetti
– Grand Theft
– Contracting Without a License
On 1/22/23, your Stuart Police Department was contacted about an incident in which Ricetti was hired to repair a dock which had been damaged in one of the recent hurricanes. Ricetti was given a $900 deposit, which he had cashed, and then failed to show up to work. Ricetti was contacted multiple times by our victim, in which he stated he would be there the following day to work, but never arrived.
After nearly three and a half weeks, the dock had not been repaired, and our victim stated they would like their money returned. Ricetti stated he would return the money the next day, which he failed to do. Our victim informed Ricetti they would be calling your Stuart Police Department if their money was not returned by 2/21/23. Ricetti never returned the money.
After a thorough investigation and interview, your Stuart Police Department arrested Ricetti on 3/21/23 for Grand Theft and Contracting Without a License.
If you have been involved in any similar incidents involving Ricetti, please report them by calling 911.
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