Everything you need to know about Saw Palmetto Harvesting Season

Everything you need to know about Saw Palmetto Harvesting Season

Saw palmetto berry harvesting season is here…
The saw palmetto berry is designated as “a commercially exploited plant species” and harvesting is regulated by the state. Harvesting and transporting palmetto berries without a permit is a crime. In addition, the crimes most affiliated with the unlawful harvesting of palmetto berries are trespassing, theft, and cutting fences.
Area residents are always on the lookout for illegal berry picking and will not hesitate to contact law enforcement about suspicious people or suspicious vehicles parked on the side of, or operating on local roadways.
Harvesters must have a permit to pick berries and must have permission to pick them on all property, whether public or private. The City of Fellsmere does not allow berry harvesting on any city property and it is illegal to harvest berries on state land (example: St. Sebastian Buffer Preserve).
Harvesters must have permission in writing from property owners to harvest berries and must provide those letters as part of the permit application process. For more information about the permitting process, click on the link below.
According to the Florida Department of Agriculture…
“…applications may be submitted anytime throughout the year. Harvesters are encouraged to submit their applications for a permit earlier in the year to avoid delays in processing time during peak harvest season”.
There is no fee to acquire a permit.
So, what is the big deal with these berries anyway?

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