Election Eve August 27 2018 “We have had enough!”

Election Eve August 27 2018 “We have had enough!”

I know I’m pretty frustrated with everything that has happened this past summer. Extremely poor local leadership even for the basic necessities like warning signs. You never saw anyone except for Brian Mast speaking out all summer long. (Thank goodness for you Brian and your terrific staff!)

Yet, I sit here grateful for all of you and I have great hope in my heart.

Why? It’s election eve. Tomorrow is the next plot point in the journey of our water massacre.

Will we get relief?

This morning I asked the members of our #toxic18 group how they felt. These are some of the answers.

Riki Russell We pay a premium to live here… And our very own government dumps this toxic garbage into our river… The problem is multi tiered, the Lake levels, farmers using products that leach into the environment, Cattle farmers who’s runoff goes into the river feeding lake O, Monsanto for selling a product (RoundUP) that is so prolific that it can be found in almost everything that we consume including the lake and river, the politicians that take money form the special interest and squash bills that would help prevent this sort of thing from happening, and the Army Corps who are tasked with maintaining a safe level of water at the Lake O dike regardless of how it effects other communities.

Every person on the Treasure Coast should have their Tax bills cut in half… maybe if this started costing the local government their revenue it would force them to fix the issue rather than wasting money on studies and kicking the can down the road… The river problem effects everyone who lives here including those that do not live directly on the water…. Beaches Closed, Fish not safe to eat, Tourist that will go to other States rather than come to Florida to get sick….

Citizens are worried about our economy.

Many have moved. Many more are planning on moving.

People are concerned about their health.

Sharon Blue I am honestly tired of being physically ill. My husband and i have both had congestion and headaches, itchy eyes, since this began and common sense tells you this can not be good for your health. It’s also ridiculous that we pay so much for taxes to live on the water and are unable to enjoy our property at all because we are forced to stay inside.

They are worried about their home values.

We just think that all these elected people are a private club and they really do not care.

jenn CarterJenn and 59 others are consistently creating meaningful discussions with their posts. I feel like I’ve finally realized that our elected representatives don’t care if we die. They’ve chosen money over human life.

We have had some humor. The Toxic Avenger and the green fountain. The algae sucker that didn’t work. The fact that they couldn’t find any algae when we posted multiple sites that day. The fact that the county is taking money from the state and paying someone to this while our locks are wide open spewing green toxic cyanobacteria is so unbelievable you have to laugh.


Lauren Akus Alexander They came and vacuumed behind my house on Saturday. What a joke and a waste of taxpayers money! As long as the St. Lucie Locks are open, it’s immediately replenished! What a Scam! (We agree)

Kevin Foster Hopeless. Moving away where I can enjoy clean water .

In Martin County we have 5 commissioners. They get great pay and awesome benefits. The Stuart Commission voted themselves a raise and even brought another commissioner on without discussing it with the public. There is no vision. No leadership. We can do better.

We are a hot mess!

So what can we do? Vote! This is our last chance I think to fix this.

Please if you live in Stuart pay close attention to the commissioners race. We have two extremely bright candidates Merritt Matheson and  Mike Meier . 

They understand the water and deeply care about the citizens.

Go to Bullsugar for voting guides.








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