Editorial: We cannot have disingenuous behavoir when it comes to our clean water

Editorial: We cannot have disingenuous behavior when it comes to our clean water

This is  the election of clean water. Our water. If we don’t get this we can kiss our economy goodbye.

All I am asking for is honesty and I do not think that’s too much to ask. Do you?

Watch this commercial by Randy Perkins.


Nothing aggravates me more than people who are disingenuous.

It’s this simple. If you not for the real solution  to help  us stop the discharges then your for hurting us. Period end of story. I hate to be harsh but this is what its come down to.

I AM DONE WEARING A MASK IN MY BACKYARD. No one should have to wear mask and retch in their back yard from something that could be fixed. This is not drama. I had to buy these masks because I couldn’t stop retching and I had a headache for six weeks. Who knows what this stuff did to me or to my friends and neighbors. I could not open my windows and had to sit in my house with the air blasting.

We cannot have disingenuous behavoir when it comes to our clean water

This week Joe Negron was bold enough to say it’s not our septic tanks and we need to convey clean water south.

This Randy Perkin’s Plan directly from his his web site:

” He believes we must fund approved projects and expedite the completion of existing ones. Randy supports buying the land south of Lake Okeechobee and he plans to work with the agricultural community in order to accomplish this. In Congress, he will deal with the challenges of water flowing into the lake from the north, expand water-farming projects, continue to strengthen our levies, and finish the infrastructure projects that can restore the natural flow of water. ”

Randy’s plan is the Rick Scott plan. He tells us he  knows more  about the environment than anyone else but if he did he would know it’s doubtful that water will get stored north. The best we can hope for is the restoration of the Kissimmee River will slow things down. Storage north is a myth and a diversion.

The dike will never be fixed. The Army Corp will always be cautious when it comes to filling up the Lake with water and putting people in danger. Randy’s plan put all those eggs in one basket. Why would he want to put the people out by the Lake in Danger? He can yip and yell all he wants. The Army Corp will go to Congress and say they are not comfortable with letting the Lake go high and really who can blame them. But in reality it’s not a reality. He can blow them off and making PFTING sounds like a hissing cat all he wants. It’s not going to change anything with the Dike. Talk is cheap.

He showed up at our Martin County Emergency meeting and had the audacity to tell my commissioners that they didn’t know what they were doing. I will solve the problem.” But the problem is he doesn’t understand the problem because if he did he would understand what we all know. The water must go south. This water would benefit his friends and neighbors because it would recharge the aquifers.

Then has the audacity to use our tragedy to try to snow people.

This is not his tragedy. This is the part of the commercial that real upsets me.  He doesn’t live here. So we he says “our tragedy” it’s not his. He lives in Deerfield. His company is down there and is not affected by our water issues.

So it cracks me up wen he is driving someone’s boat through our algae laden water after using our tragedy as a back drop. It’s almost unforgivable to be so self serving.

He think his millions will buy him this election. He doesn’t even have endorsements from where he lives. You have ask yourself: Why is he not running down there. Why are Washington Insiders supporting him? Are they sugar sweet? Why would any person from any party want to harm us? That’s my  bottom line. Why do these Washington Insiders and their staff want us to be poisoned? Are they that out of touch?

This is Jonathan Chane, who lives  in our district :

I was born and raised in Palm Beach County. Like so many Floridians, I grew up outdoors and on the water. Boating, fishing and swimming were an essential part of my childhood – and something I share with my own young children. We have a unique ecological treasure in our own backyard and we must fight to preserve, protect and restore our environment.

In January I toured the lagoon with the Indian Riverkeeper and saw first hand the devastating effects of the discharges from Lake Okeechobee. Since then, our problems have grown far worse. My recent visit with the Baskin family in Stuart gave me a chance to see what one family who lives along one of our algae covered canals is dealing with on a daily basis. From their fears about the health of their young daughter, to the putrid smell that permeates the entire neighborhood and prevents them from peacefully eating a meal together at home, from jobs lost and businesses destroyed, to an incredibly unique ecosystem facing permanent ruin –  what’s happening in our waterways is a tragedy of epic proportion. Half-measures will not solve this problem. It’s imperative we enact real change and do it now.

Jonathan has said publicly we must buy the land and send the water south.

Jonathan Chane is about people. Randy Perkins is about himself. Jonathan talks about us. Randy talks about himself.

We MUST have a US Congressman that understands our issues and has a genuine wish to fix this issue with our water. It really is our only hope.








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