Dramatic takedown on interstate in Martin County, Three arrested

Dramatic takedown on interstate in Martin County

Martin County, Fl- A two year plot to rob an armored bank car and murdered the drivers ends with a dramatic take down on the interstate in Martin County. Three arrested.

The execution of a plot to rob and murder two armored car employees who were scheduled to pick up millions of dollars in cash in Port St. Lucie, ended in Martin County with a dramatic takedown involving the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI.

Three suspects who were plotting to commit the violent robbery were arrested just hours before they could pull off the deadly heist.

Through investigative leads, the FBI Safe Streets Task Force was able to develop enough probable cause.  They arranged a special operation take-down that spanned from Palm Beach County to St. Lucie County. That operation concluded on the interstate in Martin County. Multiple law enforcement agencies converged upon the car carrying the violent masterminds of the failed deadly plot.

The suspects, identified as Daryl Canady a/k/a, “Doo-Doo”, Alger Lee Ellison, a/k/a, “Al’, and Martiavius Leon Williams, a/k/a, “Man” .

All of them are from Palm Beach County. They were taken into custody after being surrounded by a swarm of law enforcement officials.This happened in the southbound lanes of I-95, just south of the SR 714 exit. The takedown happened before 9:00am, on Tuesday, February, 20th. Law enforcement officers shut down part of the interstate to avoid any potential danger to passing motorists. Within moments, the suspects surrendered.

According to the federal affidavit, the group had planned to rob an arrmored truck picking up a large bank run. They focused on the PNC Bank located at 1309 SW Gatlin Boulevard in Port St. Lucie. The suspects mapped out a plan to steal millions of dollars before shooting and killing the two employees in the truck. Once that was successful, the suspects planned to carry out a second deadly robbery targeting another armored bank car. The three suspects were arrested and taken back to Palm Beach County. They remain in federal custody.


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