After Dorain: From Martin County Health

After Dorain: From Martin County Health

Post Storm Information


  • Demobilization of the Special Needs Shelter:

Working in partnership with Martin County Emergency Management, the Martin County School District and many community partners, the Florida Department of Health in Martin County is working to demobilize the Special Needs Shelter at Anderson Middle School, Stuart.


  • Health Department Operations:

The Florida Department of Health, Martin County will return to routine operations on Thursday, September 5.


  • Beach Water Sampling:

The Florida Department of Health, Martin County is working in partnership with Martin County Government to conduct beach sampling today to test for fecal coliform. Results are expected later today or early tomorrow. Routine sampling of river and beach sites will resume on Monday.

  • Public Health Inspections:

Florida Department of Health staff are conducting public health inspections of group living facilities and mobile home parks throughout the county.

  • Flooded Wells:

If your well head was flooded, do not drink the water until it is tested. Contact the Health Department for information and guidance.

  • Handwashing

Clean hands save lives. Be sure to wash your hands after using the bathroom, after changing baby diapers, before eating and before preparing/serving food.

  • Remember to Drain and Cover!

Stop mosquitoes from breeding and biting by draining any standing water in containers around your home and place of business. Wear EPA approved mosquito repellent.




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