Deadly ZombiCon Shooting Prompts MoonFest Security Review

Full moon close-up and eerie white clouds against a black night sky

Full moon close-up and eerie white clouds against a black night sky

Deadly ZombiCon shooting prompts MoonFest security review

Following a deadly shooting at a Fort Myers halloween event over the weekend, City of West Palm Beach officials are meeting to review security procedures for the upcoming Moonfest event on October 31st.

One person was killed and five others hurt when gunfire erupted Saturday night at ZombiCon, a private, gated event in Fort Myers.

The event is similar to Moonfest, the annual halloween event held in downtown West Palm Beach. Both events are privately run, and responsible for their own security.

Moonfest organizers work with city officials on security procedures, and the city imposes several rules on the event.

Moonfest’s security plan is much tougher than ZombiCon. Three years ago, the city told Moonfest organizers to either make major changes to improve security or the city would not permit the event.

In response, Moonfest organizers agreed to make it an over 21, totally gated event. All patrons are searched. Large numbers of security personnel work both inside and outside event area.

As a result of the new requirements, the security at Moonfest is much tougher than at the Fort Myers event, and while it is never possible to guarantee nothing could happen, WPB officials are confident Moonfest security is not only better than ZombiCon, but much better than it had been several years ago.



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