Crews Remove Stuck Boat from St. Lucie Inlet

Martin County - News & Upcoming Events

Martin County – News & Upcoming Events

Crews towed The Endeavor, a 60-foot humanitarian boat, from the St. Lucie Inlet Tuesday morning. The boat had been stuck there for over two weeks.

Now, with the vessel cleared, the focus is the price tag. According to the Coast Guard, their cost is upwards of $70,000 over the two week span that ended with the boat getting docked. Now Martin County takes over. Michelle Owen, the Compliance Administrator for Martin County says the money is mostly grants.

CUT Stuck Boat

It’s a ball park figure because the actual cost won’t be known at least for a few days. As far as the boat is concerned, it will be scrapped and sold, with the county getting the money.




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  • Posted 8 years ago

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