Country Star Jake Owen’s Vero Beach Roots

Country star Jake Owen’s Vero Beach roots run deep. The singer loves his hometown and is proud of the amazing city that helped him become the star he is today. Jake Owen is known across the world for his unique voice and music.

The country star has produced multiple hit songs throughout his career. Jake Owen’s deep connection to Vero Beach makes him well-known among locals who have attended the concerts he holds in the Vero Beach community each year. Below is more information on country star Jake Owen’s Vero Beach ties.

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Country Star Jake Owen’s Childhood

Jake Owen was born in Winter Haven, Florida. He moved to Vero Beach at the age of three. The country star has fond memories of his childhood in Vero Beach. He calls Vero Beach a shelter and haven that gave him an idyllic childhood.

Like many kids growing up on the Treasure Coast, the star was interested in playing professional golf. Jake Owen played many sports growing up but had a particular interest in golf and decided to focus on the sport. He won his first tournament as a teenager while attending Vero Beach High School. Golf wasn’t just Jake’s dream; it was his father’s dream. Jake’s dad, Steve, encouraged his love for the sport.

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When Jake Owen left home to attend Florida State University, an injury made him rethink his golf aspirations. The country star suffered a wakeboard accident, which led to shoulder surgery. After recovering, his father urged him to get a job; Jake noticed a man in a bar playing for money and thought he could try his hand at music. He bought a guitar and taught himself how to play. When he told the venue owners that he wanted to play country music, they gave him a chance, which paved the way for Owen’s first musical job.

Jake Owen’s musical passion led him to seek new opportunities to get his music in front of others. After taking a CD to a local radio station and learning that someone with his name had already been there, he decided to ditch his real name, Joshua. Jake Owen decided to rename himself after his grandfather, Jake.


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Jake Owen’s Vero Beach Musical Roots

Owen’s music reflects his Vero Beach roots. He told TCPalm that his Floridian roots impact his songwriting and the music he sings. His music is about his life, which includes how Florida has shaped the country star.

Owen has also filmed music videos in Vero Beach. His song “On the Boat Again,” released in 2023, was shot at a Little Jim Bait and Tackle on the Fort Pierce Inlet over the Fourth of July weekend. Owen decided to shoot the video in Fort Pierce because the song is about life on the Treasure Coast, a region that provides some of the best boating and fishing in the nation. The famous song borrows a chorus from Willie Nelson‘s renowned song “On the Road Again.” However, the song isn’t just a nod to Nelson but also pays homage to Vero Beach and Fort Pierce Inlet. “On the Boat Again” was featured on his album Loose Cannon.

Jake Owens has topped the country music charts on multiple occasions. One of his most played songs is “Barefoot Blue Jean Night.” However, the singer also made waves when he released “Down to the Honkytonk,” “Made for You” and “Homemade.” His song “Homemade” also pays homage to Vero Beach, Florida.

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Where Does Jake Owen Live Now?

Jake Owens has lived in two impressive properties in Nashville, Tennessee. The singer used to own Loretta Lynn’s former home. He purchased the house for $625,000 in 2012 but sold it five years later, in 2017, for $1.3 million. Currently, Jake Owen lives on 150 acres in a stunning property with plenty of room for horses and other animals.

Although the country star has settled down in Nashville to further his career, it’s evident that he’s kept his surf and sand Florida persona, which is reflected in his laid-back personality. The singer has an authentic attachment to his hometown of Vero Beach, Florida. Jake Owen loves Vero Beach and tries to share it with as many people as possible. The star is vocal about his love for the Treasure Coast.

In 2017, when the star performed at the Beach Town Musical Festival at the Indian River County Fairgrounds, he said he looked forward to bringing his country friends to his hometown of Vero Beach. Jake Owen insists on putting Vero Beach on the map as often as possible. The country star loves doing shows in Vero Beach and spending time performing within the community because he believes that “it’s great for the community and brings a lot of people to town.”

The Jake Owen Foundation in Vero Beach, Florida

The Jake Owen Foundation was established in 2010. Owen created the foundation so that he could give to various charities and local organizations on the Treasure Coast. When Jake Owen initially launched his foundation, he planned to help children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. His foundation partners with St. Jude’s to make a difference.

Jake Owen also wanted to give back to his hometown. The singer partners with various organizations in Vero Beach, supporting them through the foundation’s philanthropic efforts. For example, Jake has contributed to the Boys and Girls Club of Indian River County through his foundation.

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Many Vero Beach locals are familiar with the Jake Owen Foundation Flamingo weekend. The Flamingo event allows Jake and other singers to perform for his foundation. Fans flock to the event yearly, and the country star raised more than $1 million at his 2024 Flamingo Jam in Vero Beach, Florida.

The Jake Owen Foundation raises money through private donations and brand partnerships, but it also thrives by holding concerts, which attract fans who pour funds into the Jake Owen Foundation through ticket sales. The foundation has achieved great success. In 2017, Jake Owen received the prestigious “Arnie Award” named after professional golfer Arnold Palmer. The reward is given to “golfers who give back.” Jake says that giving back is one of the most important things he can do, and his foundation is the most fulfilling thing he’s done. The Jake Owen Foundation is one way the singer gives back and stays loyal to his hometown.

Jake Owen’s Marriage and Love Life

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Jake Owen’s love life became public when the star married Lacey Buchanan in 2012. The two met on the music video shoot for the songs “Eight Second Ride” and “Barefoot Blue Jean Night.” Jake Owen and Lacey Buchanan fell in love and had a daughter named Olive Pearl. However, the couple decided to split three years after their marriage. Jake Owen and Lacey Buchanan struggled with communicating, which led to the end of the marriage.

The country star told the public that their split was the hardest thing he had ever done.  He asked for the public’s support and privacy. Despite his divorce, the country star did not give up on love. Jake Owen proposed to his long-term girlfriend, Erica Hartlein, in 2020. Shortly after their engagement, Jake Owen and Erica Hartlein welcomed a daughter named Paris.

Jake Owen’s Love for Vero Beach, Florida

The country star spoke highly of his hometown in a podcast interview with Southern Living magazine. For Jake, Vero Beach is the best place in the world. He told the interviewer that he only lived in Nashville because of his career, but Florida is his home. When he left Vero Beach for Nashville, Jake was focused on his dreams, but he longed to return to Vero Beach and hopes to settle down on the Treasure Coast eventually.

Owen appreciates Florida’s natural beauty—the Spanish moss hanging from live oak trees and the sunny, beautiful weather. Living in Vero Beach, Florida, allowed Jake Owen and his family to have an outdoor lifestyle. Owen told an interviewer that he didn’t realize how many things he took for granted until he left Vero Beach. Jake Owen misses Vero Beach more every day.

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