Connection between Ron Rose and Chase Lurgio found.

This past week we were delighted in the campaign for Chase Lurgio that was started by the “River Guardian.” Many of us have been out planting signs and talking to people. We have embraced Chase Lurgio at a viable candidate. We want Chase to win.

Write in for the River: Write in Chase Lurgio

Write in for the River: Write in Chase Lurgio


Why? Because Doug Smith is no friend to the people who live here.  He is intent on taking away our county character. You can see it with the empty building  on the causeway and Indian River Drive. Who knows what the building next to the Hoffman will look like. I’ll just state it here. I’m not for no growth. I’m for cool growth. We could be the coolest place around but instead we are turning into a mess. A mess controlled by a few people who have appointed themselves the kings of martin county.

Doug Smith has done multiple news pieces on WPTV with Jay Cashmere and on PBS.

Doug Smith insists the problem with our water is our septic tanks and that just not true. He has just been appointed to some kind of federal land use committee so I’m sure he wants a say and the say will be against buying any land to send the water south.

Why are all the leaders in Martin County against clean water?

Chase has written more on his twitter page at his young age then Doug ever has.

Do I think there is more to this story? Yes I do.  I think that sometimes bad things happen and then good things happen. I really can’t think of a better person than Chase Lurgio to win this race. Yes he is young but he is really good kid. I think some evil people got to him but in the end the light of Chase will shine through. It’s up to Chase to come forward and be honest. I think he, by telling us the truth, will save us from ever having to go through this again.  We need Chase. We need him to be a voice for the river.

Strange things happen around here but I have to believe there is a reason for it.  We need to heal and move forward and the only way to do that for many of is to support Chase. The more I think about it the happier I am. Chase is for clean water and he has many people around willing and excited to teach him.


Educationally both Doug and Chase has the same. Except Chase’s is more recent.

So here are some photos and there is link below. Read it. Make up your mind.

I know it complicated but good things always are. Let’s a committed to get rid of the thuggery in the underbelly of Martin County.

Connection between Ron Rose and Chase Lurgio

Connection between Ron Rose and Chase Lurgio

Connection between Ron Rose and Chase Lurgio

Connection between Ron Rose and Chase Lurgio

Connection between Ron Rose and Chase Lurgio

Connection between Ron Rose and Chase Lurgio

Connection between Ron Rose and Chase Lurgio

Connection between Ron Rose and Chase Lurgio


Here is the rest of the documentation.

People need to stop being mad at Chase! I  do not want to hear that any of you are doing any kind of negative thing to him. Unacceptable!

If you want to be mad be mad at Ron Rose and his chamber who care nothing about the water. He is here solely to make money while the rest of suffer. He doesn’t care is the water is clean and he wrote this. Which made me laugh. This is what he does. He makes stuff up without checking the facts. You guys down there can do better than that.
Ron Rose response; Jensen Beach Chamber of Commerce Of course I have a comment, here we go with the BULL from Bull Sugar. It has been no secret that the student Chase Lurgio came to his local chamber of commerce office to meet with the President CEO about his plans to be a candidate. He told me a friend of his, who was in one of my Junior Achievement classes at JBHS, suggested that he meet with me. I have met with Rick Kozell, Brian Mast, Patrick Murphy, Dennis Root, Harold Jenkins, Ed Ciampi, Caroline Barca and Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch just to name a few. I told Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch that I would show her the same respect as I give all elected officials if she was successful in her election bid. Don’t twist this to make it look like this young man isn’t a legitimate candidate, because he is. It’s no secret that I helped him fill out his paperwork to file as a write in candidate right in front of the Supervisor of Elections. He asked me to meet him at the elections office so he would have someone with experience there to go over the paperwork he was signing. Our chamber of commerce has a long record of supporting education and encouraging students to get involved in their community, public service and entrepreneurship. It is outrageous and unacceptable for Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch and some of her angry supporters to try to destroy a young man’s dream, a learning experience and his courage to enter politics. If the young man hadn’t filed as a write-in candidate, I am confident that a representative of the Republican Party would have closed the race, just like they did in the District 3 race. But of course no one is talking about that race. Chase Lurgio actually spoke at our Chamber luncheon today just like other candidates have. Jacqui get over your loss and stop targeting Chase Lurgio. It’s wrong what you are doing. If you want the write-in law changed contact Gayle Harrell, MaryLynn Magar and Joe Negron. I’m honored when I have the opportunity to encourage young people pursue to their dreams and so should you.


So Ron you should know that Bullsugar has nothing I repeat nothing to do with this so get that out of your brain. And neither does Jacqui. She is really busy having a life. This just happened to happen. Sorry you can’t control everything.We’re helping Chase with his campaign. Not only that. But this is the first campaign ever in the State of Florida for a write in candidate so we are making history!


I do have a question. If your for Chase then did you change your mind about the water? Because if Chase to going to win then he needs to continue to be for our water. That’s why we are supporting him. See his tweet above.

Where did you get the information that he is not legitimate? Why would we be running around planting yard signs if we did not think he was?  Why can’t you ask before you talk?

Next time your going accuse people do something new! Get the Facts!

Please take a moment to take this all in and take the time to write in Chase! He really our only chance at this point to heal and move forward.




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