Commissioner Merritt Matheson makes motion to sue Army Corp over Lake O management

Commissioner Merritt Matheson makes motion to sue Army Corp over Lake O management

Stuart, Florida ( – Commissioner Merritt Matheson made two motions regarding our water issues during the meeting that was held Monday night at Stuart City Hall.

Here is a link to the information Commissioner Matheson has provided to us prior to this meeting.

Among people who spoke in favor was Ashley Guzzi. Ashley is the owner of the golden retriever Costa almost died after coming in contact with the river.”She is an old lady now.” Guzzi told the commission. She also spoke about her son who cut himself on the river and ended up in the emergency room with a terrible infection.



Michael Conner, our new Indian Riverkeeper, asked the commission to avoid passing another resolution that have become a dime-a-dozen in the years communities have been fighting for safe Lake O water levels for their residents.

“It’s time to put down the kid gloves,” Conner said. “Indian Riverkeeper is no stranger to lawsuits. We will be at your side.”

Blair Wickstrom from the River’s Coalition, Friends of the Everglades, Bullsugar and Florida Sportsman encouraged the  commision to have the political will to go forward. He brought up the point that if the lake remains high then we still have the issue of water not going to Florida Bay or to the west coast where it is needed.

Charles Grande, Vice president of the River’s Coalition, told the board that they support Commissioner Matheson’s motion.

The city would have the ability to withdraw at anytime.

The city’s attorney will now draft a complaint to sue the Corps, following a 5-0 vote of the City Commission.

The draft will come for the approval of the commission, Jan. 27.





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