City of Stuart and Pelican Cafe agree on lease

City of Stuart and Pelican Cafe agree on lease

Stuart, Fl -The city of Stuart and the Pelican Cafe have agreed to terms on a new lease.

The Stuart City Commissioners agreed to grant a new 10-year lease to the Pelican Cafe’s owners, Paul and Linda Daly. There is the option for two 5-year extensions if both sides agree to it. The Daly’s plan to now build an overhang for the Pelican Cafe, which can add more seating and add protection for when it rains.

One of the last sticking points during negotiations involved what would happen if the Daly’s try to sell the business. Under the new lease, any potential buyer would have to go before the city, and could have their rent increased. The Daly’s and their supporters argue this will hurt their ability to get a good price when it’s time to sell. The city commissioners argued that they were looking out for what was best for the taxpayer.

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  • Posted 5 years ago

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