Car crash leads to shooting in Port St. Lucie

On August 15, 2016, Port St. Lucie Police arrested Jason Abinader on two counts of aggravated assault, 3 counts of firing weapon at a vehicle, and firing a weapon in public after he shot at a car that crashed into him.

Abinader was traveling south in the 800 block of SW Bayshore Boulevard.  A car exiting the plaza at that location crashed into the right side of Abinader’s car with its front bumper.  The car that crashed into Abinader’s car allegedly did not stop causing Abinader to follow the car as they made a u-turn now traveling north on SW Bayshore Boulevard.  As they traveled on SW Bayshore Boulevard, Abinader pulled out his gun and pointed it at the victims to get them to stop.  Abinader then fired a shot in the air and one at the front tire of the victim’s car.  The cars continued to travel north to the intersection of SW Bayshore Boulevard and SW Prima Vista.  Once at the intersection Abinader fired more shots at the victim’s car flattening the right front tire.

Police arrived on scene and were relieved to find that no one was injured during the shooting.  Police found several bullet casings in the road and the victim’s right front tire shot out.




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  • Posted 8 years ago

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