Captain Charlie Fish Tales June 8, 2017

Captain Charlie Fish Tales June 8, 2017


Hot weather and afternoon storms will be the norm now that summer has arrived on the Treasure Coast. Just like the past couple of years…it’s hot!  Much needed rain has been hanging around the Treasure Coast this week and it has made it a challenge some days to get out fishing. Overall, the weather has been good and warm for us and we have had lots of success this month. Expect those afternoon showers to continue with a chance at a thunderstorm in the mix. It’s the rainy season so plan your trips carefully! Have fun and be safe on the water. Sunscreen and lots of hydration is essential in summer! Have fun this summer!

Treasure Coast Casters championship tournament

In the recent Treasure Coast Casters championship tournament, I had Michael Rochedieu on the boat for the tournament. Michael fished hard that morning as did all the kids. It ended up in a very close tournament with mangrove snapper the catch of the day. Michael is the 2017 Treasure Coast Caster of the Year in a close competition with the other Casters. Congratulations Michael! Cousins John and Joyce were down from North Carolina and we got a day to get out fishing.

It was a tough day, but they caught fish in spite of conditions. Look for redfish around docks and mangroves. In this heat, they will be hanging under the shadow lines keeping cool. June is a great month to use soft plastic lures, like the DOA shrimp. DOA Lures catch fish! CAL jerk baits and shad tails always work for us around the mangroves and grass flats. You can find action around the jetties and turning basin with jacks and mackerel.

Summer Fishing

Summer fishing is fantastic on the Treasure Coast. Watch the weather and get out early for some exciting top water action. During the heat of the day, try mangroves, docks and bridges. Deep sand holes and drop offs can hold fish at mid-day. The outgoing tides have worked best for us this month, but as long as the water is moving, you can catch fish. June is always a good month to enjoy the fishing in our area.

Remember, as always, fishing is not just another hobby……it’s an ADVENTURE!

Good Fishing,
Captain Charlie Conner

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