Earlier this week members of various units of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office joined forces to rescue a small dog that had become distressed and lost in a large lake in Port St. John.

Deputy Michael Hriscio responded to Fay Lake Wilderness Park after a citizen called to say a small dog was in the middle of the lake distressed and disoriented. Only with the aid of binoculars was Deputy Hriscio able to see the small dog floundering in the middle of the lake. Animal Enforcement Officers Chris Hahn, Cayla Hanson and George Wong responded to assist. After assessing the scene it was determined that the only way to effect a rescue was with the use of a boat.

Deputy Keith Grosse of our Agricultural/Marine Unit responded to the scene with an agency airboat. Deputy Grosse and Officer Hanson were able to deploy into the lake and rescue the dog as others monitored from shore. During the rescue the Deputies discovered that the dog had become entangled in tall reeds and was exhausted with little energy left to survive.

The small white terrier mix was scared and terrified when brought aboard and judging from her condition it appears she had been stray for an extended period of time. There is little doubt that without the quick actions of the Animal Enforcement Officers, Deputies and citizens the dog would have not survived.

The dog was subsequently transported to the South Animal Care Center in Melbourne the veterinarians conducted a full examination and are monitoring her recovery.

Attached photo. Pictured left to right. PSA Mitchell Hannon, Deputy Keith Grosse, ADO Chris Hahn, AEO Cayla Hanson and AEO George Wong.

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