Boil Water Advisory for Vero Beach


Boil Water Alert for Vero Beach.

There is a precautionary boil water advisory in effect for everyone who is on the Vero Beach water system.

A transformer blew about 6:25 AM and half the city of Vero Beach was without Power.

All water used for drinking or cooking should be boiled. The city will test the water and inform the public as to when it is safe.

A boil-water advisory or boil-water order is a public health advisory or directive given by government or health authorities to consumers when a community’s drinking water is, or could be, contaminated by pathogens.

Under a boil-water advisory (BWA), the  Center for Disease control recommends that water be brought to a rolling  boil for one minute before it is consumed in order to kill protozoa, bacteria and viruses.

Last night there was a drop in the pressure of the system.  While loss of pressure does not necessarily mean the water has been contaminated, it does mean that pathogens may be able to enter the piped-water system and thus be carried to consumers.




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  • Posted 8 years ago

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