Meritage at Langford’s Landing: They broke our Hearts.

Meritage at Langford’s Landing: They broke our Hearts.

The other day I was reading an article that said that Meritage Homes had done nothing wrong when they totally devastated the land where Frances Langford’s estate was. They broke no laws.
Maybe they did and maybe they didn’t break the law of the land.

They broke the laws of mother nature and they broke our hearts.

langford's landing from the road near my house. Photo credit: cyndi lenz

Langford’s Landing from the road near my house.
Photo credit: cyndi lenz

According to some this was sacred ground of the Ais Indians. It certainly was sacred grounds for Frances Langford.

Meritage said they were committed to sustainability and the environment.
Words are easy to say.
The actions of this company tells us everything we need to know.

There was virtually nothing written about these people who bought the land.

So I asked Siri.

Here is a list of 166 complaints from Consumer Affairs
Here is just a few but you can click on the link and read them all.

“My wife and I recently closed on a $500,000 home in Winter Garden, Florida. The community is named Watermark in Horizon’s West. Throughout our over a year build process we were LIED to numerous times.”
“My wife and I built our Meritage home in June 2006 after looking at other builders and communities we wanted to live. Unknown to us while being out of the state the week the driveway was laid, Meritage/contractor neglected to use rebar/wire mesh while laying the drive and wouldn’t you know that here we are with a driveway that is cracking, raising up and shifting. Meritage refuses to take responsibility nor fix the issue in which we paid for a 30k upgrade to the retaining wall alongside the drive that is being destroyed in the process. In addition to these we have issues inside of the home with every tiled floor on the main level of the house. They are cracking, popping and raising up as well. We have cracks in our walls and Meritage offered us $1,700 to go away. ”

“If you can refrain from buying from Meritage in the Garlic Creek area, DO it! Save yourself the stress and headaches in dealing with this horrible builder. Our entire process started off bad from the day we signed our contract.”

Langford's Landing from the road. Keep Out! Photo: cyndi Lenz

Langford’s Landing from the road. Keep Out!
Photo: cyndi Lenz

Listen to this one
“Meritage bought property behind our home. They told our HOA they’d keep a 30-40 ft. buffer between our property and theirs and only remove invasive species. Their rep told us face to face they’d come in and remove only what they had to. Hours later everything was cleared out including hundred-year-old cypress and pines. Based on how they treat their neighbors with complete lies, I’d NEVER purchase from them. They can’t be trusted to build what they say they’re building.”
Is this the type of scoundrels we can expect in Martin County? Did anyone google them? Ask Siri? Send up smoke signals?

Except From the Sacramento Business Journal
50 homeowners file suit against Meritage Homes
More than 50 West Sacramento owners of homes built by Meritage Homes have filed suit against the builder, alleging design and construction defects have rendered their homes uninhabitable.
The suit, filed Monday at Sacramento County Superior Court, seeks to nullify sales contracts or money to repair their homes, claiming wind damage and improper grading have led to cracks and leaky windows.
Meritage built and sold the homes in West Sacramento’s Bridgeway Lakes subdivision starting in 2004. Other allegations include sagging roofs, stucco cracking and improper drainage resulting in foundation problems.
NOT accredited by the Central Florida Better Business

13 Rip Off Riports

Here is one about HOA Fraud.

“Meritage is attempting to defraud our homeowners association out of over $200, 000. They had their title company ignore the outstanding dues letter. We were told all homes they built would have pools; to-date NO homes they built have pools except the model. They do NOT follow the existing covenants because they think they are above the law.
They lie to their own employees and say the bills to our HOA are paid when, in-fact, they are not.”

In a blog post that I wrote a little while back called  I’m so sorry Frances Langford I got a huge amount of views and comments. The general consensus is we are not happy with what happened here.

Kelly Jordan Nelson gave me permission to report her comment: (Thank you Kelly)
“We knew her well and knew from her mouth to our ears what her wishes were. My father managed her investments and estate planning prior to her and Harold’s deaths. We often had her at my parents home and spent time with her on her yacht “Chanticleer”. My parents lived on her estate while building their new home nearby. No assumptions needed to know what she would want. An intelligent and informed person can easily make safe assumptions that a woman who cared so deeply about preserving and nourishing and RESPONSIBLY developing her lands would NOT approve of clear cut devastation. Like it is safe to assume a parent would not want their child murdered after their death, you can safely assume she would not have wanted her land murdered.”


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