The Best Public Beaches in Vero Beach, Florida

The best public beaches in Vero Beach, Florida, offer miles of soft sand, emerald and turquoise blue water, amazing sunsets, and incredible surfs. Vero Beach is a fantastic place to enjoy water activities and is unique because water lovers have access to the Atlantic Ocean and Indian River.

Vero Beach, Florida, is renowned for its amazing beaches and has more than 26 miles of public beaches that are perfect for a vacation or a quick getaway. Below are some of the best public beaches available in Vero Beach, Florida.

Sexton Plaza Beach

Sexton Plaza Beach Vero Beach

Sexton Plaza Beach is an immaculate beach with miles of shoreline for walking or simply watching the waves. Shops, restaurants, residences, and cute cafes surround Sexton Plaza Beach. The beach is within walking distance of fantastic Vero Beach restaurants like the Ocean Grill and Mulligan’s Beach House. Visitors who want a day at the beach but would also like to explore other activities in Vero Beach would enjoy Sexton Plaza Beach’s location on Ocean Drive.

Sexton Plaza Beach is perfect for visitors who want a beach with plenty of amenities and entertainment at their doorstep. The beach is trendy, so it’s more crowded than other beaches in Vero Beach, Florida, but still well worth the trip.

Wabasso Beach

Wabasso Beach Vero Beach Grass

Wabasso Beach is a fantastic public beach located next door to Disney’s Vero Beach Resort. The beach receives high ratings for its interesting souvenirs on the shores – locals and tourists can easily find seashells, tiny shark teeth, and other fossils along Wabasso Beach.

Wabasso Beach also has a lovely boardwalk with spectacular views of the Treasure Coast. The beach also has great waves and is ideal for swimming, surfing, and bodyboarding. Parking is tight at Wabasso Beach, so visiting during off hours is better. An early morning or evening trip is ideal. Wabasso Beach also has a small shop and restaurant near the parking lot for visitors who need beach supplies or a bite to eat.

Round Island Beach Park

Round Island Park Vero Beach

Round Island Oceanside Park is a highly rated public beach in Vero Beach, Florida, because it’s considered the best manatee viewing spot in the county. Nature lovers will enjoy watching manatees, dolphins, hermit crabs, turtles, pelicans, and ospreys. There is also an observation deck and plenty of trails. The nature trail leads to a multi-level lookout point that provides impressive views of the Indian River.

Round Island Park is excellent for visitors who want to experience water activities such as boating, canoeing, and kayaking. The park features a boat ramp and kayak launch area. It’s also excellent for fishing. Kids also can enjoy Round Island Park. The wildlife and small playground create an inviting, family-friendly atmosphere. Round Island Oceanside Park is ideal for nature lovers who want the best of both worlds – the beach and the Indian River.

Turtle Trail Beach

Turtle Trail Beach

Turtle Trail Beach is true to its name as a haven for sea turtles. Nature lovers will enjoy finding turtle nests along the shores. The beach is excellent for simply walking and getting lost in one’s thoughts. Turtle Trail Beach is one of the most quiet and beautiful public beaches in Vero Beach, Florida. The beach is a hidden gem accessed through an arbor that leads down to the beach.

Turtle Trail Beach is not a touristy spot, so it’s an excellent spot for visitors looking for peace and wanting to enjoy an uncrowded beach with very few visitors. Turtle Trail Beach is a peaceful beach in Vero Beach, Florida, where you can enjoy the sunshine.

Tracking Station Park

Tracking Station Beach Vero Beach

Tracking Station Park is a quiet and beautiful beach tucked away from the road, making it the ideal place for locals. It’s the perfect spot for solitude and admiring the ocean and sunsets. The beach is great for building sandcastles and searching for seashells.

Tracking Station Park also has a small picnic area, perfect for a light brunch or snack. The beach is a great spot to escape the tourists and enjoy an uncrowded beach off the beaten path in Vero Beach, Florida.

Jaycee Park Beach

Jaycee Beach Park Vero Beach

Jaycee Park Beach is home to some of the most popular family-friendly activities in Vero Beach, Florida. The beach is perfect for a fun day in the sun and features numerous covered pavilions for picnics and a small playground. The beach also features sand volleyball courts. Restrooms and showers are available. There is also a lovely boardwalk that connects to a trail. The boardwalk is over a mile long and excellent for walking enthusiasts. The beach itself is not very wide, so it doesn’t require a long walk to get to the water’s edge.

Jaycee Park Beach is a great place for visitors who want to pack a light lunch and enjoy a warm day on the beach. There is also a restaurant in very close proximity for visitors who would like a dining experience to be a part of their beach day. Visitors looking for a clean and inviting beach with white sand and crystal blue surf will enjoy what Jaycee Park Beach offers.

Humiston Beach Park

Humiston Park Beach Vero Beach

Humiston Park is a favorite park and beach for Vero Beach locals, although some tourists are also discovering the amazing location. Humiston Park is clean and impeccably maintained. Humiston Park also has a playground for little ones, with numerous slides and swings to keep children entertained and shaded areas for parents and guardians. The park also has plenty of covered picnic tables and grills. Visitors enjoy clean restrooms and showers. Additionally, lifeguards are on duty to keep visitors safe.

Visitors can enjoy the park, which is replete with beautiful wide open spaces with mature oak trees and tall palm trees, or the ocean just feet away. One of Humiston Park’s best features is its proximity to shops and restaurants, which allows beachgoers to easily access food and retail for a well-rounded day at the beach. Humiston Park is right off Ocean Drive, with plenty of restaurants within walking distance. The park and beach combination make Humiston Park ideal for any occasion and one of the best public beaches in Vero Beach, Florida.

Ambersand Beach

Ambersand Beach Vero Beach

Ambersand Beach is a quiet, beautiful beach popular among surf fishers. It’s a great place to fish and enjoy the waves as part of a Florida wildlife refuge. It’s also an excellent spot to find pretty seashells and interesting rocks. There is plenty of parking and light crowds during the weekdays.

Ambersand Beach is lovely, somewhat secluded, and not far from the Sebastian Inlet State Park. Visitors who are interested in fishing will enjoy Ambersand Beach.

Treasure Shores Park

Treasure Shores Vero Beach

Treasure Shores Park is a hidden gem that’s easy to miss if you’re not a Vero Beach local. The beach is tucked away from the hustle and bustle and provides a great getaway for people who want to enjoy the sun and sand. The beach is uncrowded, so visitors have plenty of space to move about and relax. Treasure Shores Park features restrooms, outdoor showers, and picnic areas.

The seashells and birds are plentiful for visitors who want to enjoy nature and waves. Although this beach is popular among surfers, there’s no lifeguard on duty, so it’s better suited for strong swimmers. Treasure Shores Park receives high ratings for its beauty and peacefulness.

Golden Sands Park

Golden Sands Beach

Golden Sands Park is a beautiful, calm, clean, peaceful beach. It’s the perfect place for serenity on the Treasure Coast. The beach is generally uncrowded during the week and weekends, so it’s ideal for beachgoers looking for solitude. Locals and tourists visit Golden Sands Park to swim, read, sunbathe, and watch the ocean.

The beach also has five covered picnic pavilions with grills, so visitors have a comfortable spot to have lunch or snacks. The beach is also great for families with lifeguards on watch. The beach also has clean and well-stocked restrooms and an outdoor shower to wash the sand off one’s feet. Visitors looking for plenty of room to relax in the quiet and enjoy the ocean will appreciate Golden Sands Park as one of the best Vero Beach public beaches.




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