Best Photo Locations in Martin County, Florida

Martin County is one of the many beautiful spots along the Treasure Coast, and it offers more stunning vistas and charming seaside locales than you could visit in a lifetime, many of which are a photographer’s dream location.

This area is home to lush, canopy-covered inland roads, as well as vibrant artistic pockets in the beachside towns, and every one of them tells a unique story that simply can’t be conveyed in words.

There is historic elegance, ancient sites, and raw natural beauty of the diverse Florida ecosystem that just begs to be captured with the click of a shutter.

If you’re looking for some ideas for places to get postcard-worthy photos, we’ve compiled some of the best photo locations in all of Martin County, Florida, the heart of the Treasure Coast.

Bridge Road, The Grade, and St. Lucie Blvd.

banyan trees stuart fl

There are so many breathtaking photo locations in Martin County, that you can hit several of the hotspots before you even get to your accommodations, by checking out some of the local scenic drives.

These three roads, in particular, are famed for their enchanting tree tunnels and canopies created by the ancient oaks and banyans.

The massive banyan trees grow up and over the road, creating a natural tunnel effect, and setting a mesmerizing backdrop for a snapshot or a whole photo shoot.

Each road has its own unique charm, with The Grade offering a rustic look, Bridge Road in Hobe Sound leading down to the beach, and St. Lucie Blvd. showing off some dynamite waterfront views.

Colorful Artist Cottages, Downtown Jensen Beach

This spot is an absolute kaleidoscope of color and unique artist personalities, making for mind-blowingly vibrant and lively photos.

The artist cottages in Downtown Jensen Beach offer a uniquely colorful and expressive look at the local beachside culture as it blends with artistic outlets and an electric community spirit.

As a bonus, nearly every week in Jensen Beach they have a local festival called Jammin’ Jensen, which is a lively concoction of local artists, music, and vendors in a warm and welcoming beachside fest atmosphere, another place to get photo opportunities you simply can’t get anywhere else.

Indian Riverside Park

indian riverside park jensen beach

Indian Riverside Park is a low-key, picturesque location where photographers can see a seamless blend of nature, history, and recreation, creating countless photo opportunities.

The expansive grounds of the park and preserve are expertly maintained in Jensen Beach with lush greenery, a fishing pier, and even a children’s museum.

The wide open spaces are perfect for family photos, while the waterfront creates a beautiful natural background for just about any landscape, individual, or group shoot that you could ever need.

House of Refuge at Gilbert’s Bar

House of Refuge Museum Pink Sky

For a location that captures more of the Treasure Coast maritime history than most people realize, head to the oldest building in Martin County, Florida, the House of Refuge at Gilbert’s Bar.

Steeped in local history and maritime adventure, the House of Refuge is perched on Hutchinson Island, where the rugged coastline meets the unforgiving sea.

This setting is the perfect place to attach a historical significance to photography, capturing the time-honored refuge for shipwrecked sailors in either a serene setting or a stormy sea.

Blowing Rocks Preserve

blowing rocks preserve hobe sound

Blowing Rocks Preserve is a local natural spectacle that is known for the explosive sea spray displays created by the soft limestone coastline, as the waves batter the ancient channels and grooves that create the display.

The display is at its peak during high tide, giving local and visiting photographers the chance to capture the raw power present at the clash between land and sea.

Watch the crystal azure waves explode skyward, creating some of the most captivating natural action photography, and the preserve’s unique geology gives an unbeatable glimpse into Florida’s ancient natural history and makes it a must-see location.

The Roosevelt Bridge

roosevelt bridge stuart fl

The Roosevelt Bridge is located in Stuart and is considered a local architectural marvel, and is absolutely beautiful after nightfall when its lighting display is on.

This impressive bridge spans the St. Lucie River and creates a unique setting for photography, both of the bridge and using it as a vantage.

It’s a well-known spot for local and visiting photographers to not only capture the stunning Florida scenery but also to contrast it with the imposing man-made marvel.

During sunset, photographers can also capture breathtaking angles of the sunset over the river by using the bridge.

Downtown Stuart

downtown stuart fl

Downtown Stuart is an area steeped in local charm and quaint, small-town warmth, while also being a vibrant community center and a unique setting for photographers.

Downtown Stuart has that classic small-town feel with the historic buildings, colorful independent boutiques, and cozy cafes, all along the scenic Riverwalk.

At the waterfront, photographers are treated to stunning views of the St. Lucie River, where at sunset you can catch one of the most unforgettable dances of color as the golden reds, pinks, and purples blend and smudge into something that words just cannot capture properly.

Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center

Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center Pond

For photographers who want to capture some pictures of sea-dwellers, the Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center is a haven for anyone interested in the wildly diverse marine ecologies of Florida.

The center has nature trails and a lagoon-side location that provide peerless settings for nature and wildlife shots, where the rarely-seen intersections of marine life and land ecosystems can be captured, giving photographers a priceless glimpse into the rich aquatic life of the Treasure Coast.

Wrapping Up

And with that, we’ve wrapped up our look at some of the most photogenic spots in Martin County, Florida.

There’s an incredible array of locations to fill nearly every mood and photo need, from the ancient to the modern, these locations represent just a slice of what the Treasure Coast holds for photographers from amateur to professional.

No matter your skill level, experience, or preferred subject matter, Martin County’s idyllic landscapes and thriving town centers have moments beyond counting that are just waiting to be immortalized through your pictures.

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