Bees Attack Pit Bull Killing a Family Pet

Fort Pierce Police

Fort Pierce Police warn residents to stay away from a huge nest of bees discovered in a tree at 405 Decordre Court.

At about 4:46 p.m. Saturday, August 15, 2015, police officers and animal control responded to the home after a bee attack of a dog had been reported.

The dog, a pit bull, lives at 308 S. 20th Street and was outside near the tree when it was attacked and stung multiple times. The dog’s owner in attempting to remove the dog was also stung by the swarm.

Animal Control Officer William Blue was able to rescue the pit bull and  attempted to transport it to an emergency animal hospital. Unfortunately, the  dog passed away before reaching the animal hospital. St. Lucie Fire Rescue responded and transported the dog’s owner to a local hospital.

While Fort Pierce Police contact a bee specialist to safely remove the hive, residents and their neighbors are being advised to keep children away from the area and do not disturb the hive. Police officers have cordoned off the area to keep people away for their safety.

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