‘Bank jugging’: Thieves targeting people in Stuart

‘Bank jugging’: Thieves targeting people in Stuart

Stuart, Fl (treasurecoast.com)- The Stuart Police are warning the public to be aware when they make a large withdrawal or leave the bank with a cash bag.

Here are the details:
**Bank Jugging and Auto Burglaries**
Stuart Police Department is currently investigating three incidents of Bank Jugging and Auto Burglaries that have occurred in recent weeks. Two arrests have been made at this time.
Bank Jugging is the term used for criminals who wait in bank and ATM parking lots, looking for a customer to make a large withdraw or leave with a cash bag. The criminals then follow the victims to their next destination, burglarizing the vehicle.
How can you protect yourself:
*Be aware of your surroundings.
*Do not openly carry bank envelopes, bags, or coin boxes.
*Do not leave or try to hide your bank envelopes in your vehicle, even if it’s at your house.
*If you believe you are being followed, take an indirect route, and call 911.
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  • Posted 11 months ago

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