Austin and Perry: lawsuit may be dropped, relevant info to be shared

Austin and Perry: lawsuit may be dropped, relevant info to be shared

The family of Perry Cohen, one of the two Tequesta teens lost at sea, plan to drop a lawsuit against the other boys family and the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The FWC returned the cell phone of Austin Stephanos to his family. The family of Perry Cohen went to court on Monday to block the release of the recovered iPhone to Austin’s parents. In a statement posted on the AustinBlu Foundation Facebook page, Austin’s father wrote any relevant information would be shared with the family. Pamela Cohen, the mother of Perry Cohen released a statement Tuesday that she plans to drop the lawsuit only if the FWC receives written consent that would allow an impartial expert to analyze the phone.

lawsuit may be dropped, relevant info to be shared

lawsuit may be dropped, relevant info to be shared

Blu Stephanos wrote this on the AustinBlu Foundation Facebook page:

With regards to my Son’s iPhone; we’ve been working very closely with FWC since they received the phone and have the utmost confidence in them. In addition, we’ve been working with the phone’s manufacturer who seems willing to help us try to get the phone operational again. That would be the first order of business, since Austin’s phone has been submerged in salt water for over eight months. We’ve also had an IT expert access the phone’s Cloud backup and, unfortunately, found that it had never been enabled.
In light of the recent San Bernardino incident involving attempts by the FBI to retrieve data from a locked iPhone, we felt that it would be best to avoid the pressures of having these efforts played out in the media. We didn’t want to do anything publicly that might jeopardize the cooperation of the manufacturer. Unfortunately, I feel that the recent publicity and wild speculation may have done just that.
Of course, any relevant information that might be retrieved from Austin’s phone will be shared with the Cohen family and the proper authorities.
To me, this phone represents a connection with my son, so I thank you all for your continued support and understanding in this very sensitive, and very personal, matter.

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