Austin and Perry – The Search Continues

austin and perry

                                                Austin and Perry – The Search Continues

Volunteers are retracing their steps and feel they may be closer than ever to finding what may have happened to Austin and Perry.

Search crews are expected to do several follow up dives searching this area off of the Jupiter Inlet after locating several items and images of interest and that has a lot of people talking.

Divers with Peace River Search and Rescue were observed diving near an area off of the Jupiter inlet just last week.

Now many images are circulating of what could be the boys capsized boat just off the shore.

DEEMI Search and Rescue, nor Peace River will comment on what they have found but we do know the images they reanalyzed helped lead them on where to search.

Volunteers have spent days going through nearby surveillance video trying to track where the boys could have gone once they left the inlet.

If these images hold true, the boat may have capsized close to home before getting caught in the gulf-stream.

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