This morning at approximately 6 a.m.patrol deputies were called to the 8000 block of Okeechobee Road. There was a man lying in the bike path.“When our deputies arrived, they found Quentin Lamar Jones, 37, of Jacksonville, deceased,” said Sheriff Ken J. Mascara. “He had visible wounds to his neck and back.”

Detectives immediately began a canvass of the surrounding area.  A K-9 search was conducted and a knife was located in the nearby woods.

“Based on the victim not being from this area and the direction of his travel, detectives went to the fairgrounds and connected the victim and our suspect,” Mascara said.

A timeline was established on their travels and the motive for the murder.

“The information gathered by our detectives led them to the identification of 31-year-old David Davis, also of Jacksonville as a person of interest,” Mascara said. “Davis and Jones were friends and worked together as carnival vendors and they recently worked at the Osceola County Fair and were scheduled to work at the upcoming St. Lucie County Fair that begins this weekend.”

Detectives interviewed Davis who stated that he and Jones were at the Fort Pierce Jai alai and Poker on Kings Highway.

Both were playing poker

“Both were playing poker and Davis stated that Jones lost all his money and borrowed money from him,” Mascara said. “Jones then lost that money which caused an argument between the two.”

The staff at the Jai alai asked the two men to leave. They caught a ride to the McDonalds at the corner of Kings Highway and Okeechobee Road. Both were dropped off and began walking west down the bike path.

“It was at that time that Davis says he and Jones continued their argument, demanding Jones to repay him the money he borrowed, Mascara said. “Things got physical and Davis pulled out a knife and stabbed Jones several times in the neck and back. Davis then threw the knife in the woods and left the area.”

Detectives were able to corroborate the information received from Davis. They had evidence at the scene, the located knife and statements made by witnesses that observed the two men last night.


David Davis is being charged with armed robbery. He is also being charged with  first degree murder and will be booked into the St. Lucie County Jail and held without bond until first appearance tomorrow.

An autopsy of Quentin Jones will be conducted tomorrow to determine the exact cause of death.

“It’s unfortunate anytime a life is lost, but it should reassure our residents and visitors that our agency works diligently when crimes occur to bring closure to those involved and ensure our community is safe,” Mascara said. “I want to thank the men and women of our agency who solved this case in less than 12 hours. It is because of their hard work and the outstanding assistance provided by each and every person interviewed throughout the day today that we are able to stand here now and put this criminal behind bars.”


Update Feb 23

31-year old David Davis is accused of killing 37-year old Quentin Jones. Then he took  money from the body to buy food, cigars, cigarettes, and coffee before taking a cab back to the fairgrounds.

Davis initially told police that he didn’t know what happened to Jones.  He subsequently changed his story to claim that Jones was choking him because of an argument over money. Jones claimed that the stabbing was in self defense.

Video shows Davis going through Jones’ wallet and tossing items into a garbage can. Jones’ body was found Tuesday morning on a bike path on Okeechobee Road west of the turnpike.

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