Army Corp meeting in Stuart a packed house

Army Corp meeting in Stuart a packed house

Stuart, Fl- The US Army Corps of Engineer held a meeting in Stuart last night. It was a packed house.

Here is a Facebook Live of the presentation.

Several hundred concerned citizens listened patiently to the presentation by the corps.

Here are some of the comments from the community. Probably not the best time to come when you turning on the faucet and sending toxic algae to our homes.

Prior to the meeting there was a meeting at the River’s Coalition. Thanks Kenny Hinkle for shooting this.

Then this happened

Yesterday I was so happy to be able to go to listen to the presentation about the southern reservoir. My only intention was to go an shoot a Facebook live for all that could not go and grab some photos and be supportive to my community. I left a little earlier to get home and stopped in the hallway. There was a woman with very long hair. I’m sorry I did not catch her name. This woman engaged me in a conversation with me and asked me where I lived. I showed her on the map. I literally live on the corner of the St Lucie and IRL.

Then she started to harass me about septic tanks and asked me what i was going to do to take responsibility. I tried to show her on the map where the algae bloom started and she would not have it.

I tried to explain to her that it up to the county to put in sewage lines.  For the record I would love county sewage. She told me I was connected so I should make this happen. I would say to her before you accuse people you should do your homework. Septic tanks are 4% of this issue. We would love to see it resolved.  Is this the attitude of everyone in the Army Corp?  Was this meeting  just smoke and mirrors?  I went to the meeting with a full heart and left with a broken one. We need assurances that private behind the scenes attitudes will not hold up the southern reservoir and this woman should not be working on this project.


June 29, 2018

Cyndi Lenz

For the record someone from the Corps got back to me and they will be looking into this.Thank you guys.



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