Animal Services Officer Saves Pelican

Pelican with Fish Logded in Throat

Pelican with Fish Lodged in Throat

Fish That Was Lodged in Pelicans Throat

Fish That Was Lodged in Pelicans Throat


Animal Services Officers Heather Belknap and Kimberly Guile responded to a call of a sick pelican near the dock at Sandsprit Park. Officer Belknap was able to capture the struggling animal, immediately realizing that it had something lodged in its throat. Officer Guile assisted Officer Belknap by holding the pelican, while Officer Belknap opened its beak and inserted her arm into the bird’s mouth. Within a few seconds, she was able to pull out a large fish head that was lodged in the animal’s throat.

The pelican immediately displayed signs of relief, and was released back into the water. Great work, from another great MCSO Unit.

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  • Posted 8 years ago

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