Alto “Bud” Adams Jr. 1926-2017

Alto “Bud” Adams Jr. 1926-2017

We extends our deepest condolences and upmost appreciation to the Adams family following the passing of Alto “Bud” Adams, Jr.

St. Lucie County and the state of Florida lost an icon Saturday. Rancher and cattle breeder Alto “Bud” Adams Jr. passed away at the age of 91.

Alto “Bud” Adams, Jr., Chairman, Adams Ranch, was born on Easter Sunday in 1926. Adams grew up in Fort Pierce until his father was named to the state Supreme Court.

Bud Adams attended high school in Tallahassee and worked the family ranch during vacations. From 1944 through 1946 he served in the Navy. He studied economics at the University of Florida.

Bud met his wife Dot, on a double date with a fraternity brother. Bud Adams and Dorothy Snively were married in 1949. They began expanding the ranch started by Alto Adams in 1937. It wasn’t easy. The weights of the cows were low.

The Braford breed

Bud developed a new breed of cattle by crossing Herefords with Brahmans.

This new breed of cattle, called the Braford, was particularly well-suited for Florida’s ranching conditions. It made the 50,000-acre ranch one of the top producing cow-calf ranches in the United States.

Bud developed a new breed of cattle by crossing Herefords with Brahmans. 

Adams founded the International Braford Association to coordinate information about the breed for cattlemen.

Adams’ hope was that the ranch will continue to be in cattle, citrus, grassland, and trees, with the land providing a home for eagles, white-tailed deer, and other species.

Committed to maintaining harmony between the environment and cattle production, Adams was a past president of the Florida Cattlemen’s Association.

Bud was named to the Agricultural Hall of Fame. He was designated the Landowner of the Year by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

photo: cyndi lenz

photo: cyndi lenz Bud Adams, Larry Lee Jr and Senator Bill Nelson

His conservation efforts include pioneering natural plant and pest control.

He captured the beauty of plants and animals as a photographer.

March of 2016 there was a ceremony at the St Lucie County Ranch re The Everglades Headwaters National Wildlife Refuge and Conservation Area. It was expanded with the easements paid for by the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Bud Adams property in Osceola County was part of the 5,300-acre easement purchase. Adams was  one of five ranch owners who are part of the $12.5 million easement purchase.

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