7 dogs fall ill, one dies. Toxic algae bloom suspected to be possibly cause

7 dogs fall ill, one dies. Toxic algae bloom suspected to be possibly cause

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services Unit Supervisors are working closely with local veterinarians to figure out what caused seven dogs to suddenly and seriously become ill.

One of the seven has died. Although the animals live in areas spread throughout the county, all of the animals have some connection to the water where the toxic algae bloom has occurred.

Local veterinarians have been working to identify how the dogs became ill. They are looking for a common bacteria present in the animals. Thousands of dollars have been spent in research and treatment for the dogs, most of which are still very sick.

MCSO Animal Service supervisors have been working to see if there are any other factors that may be causing the illnesses that might be criminal in matter, such as intentional poisoning. So far, no other common factors have been found.

We are asking all pet owners to remain vigilant and keep your animals away from the affected water. Do your best to prevent them from eating grass, or picking up items around the water.

If you have questions about symptoms or risks for your pet, please contact your veterinarian. If your dog recently became seriously ill, or passed away from an unknown cause, and you would like the Martin County Sheriff’s Office to look into it, please contact Sergeant Pat Colasuonno at 220-7141.

Symptoms common in the seven animals include severe vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy and respiratory distress

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