28-year-old PSL man arrested after friends didn’t allow him to drive intoxicated

28-year-old PSL man arrested after friends didn’t allow him to drive intoxicated

Port St. Lucie, Fl-On October 6, 2019, Port St Lucie Police arrested 28-year-old Evan Thomas Boomhower, on the following charges: Shooting into vehicle, Criminal Mischief, and Disorderly Conduct/ Intoxicated.

Police went to TailGators for reports of ‘shooting in the area’.  Several unknown callers told dispatch shots had been heard in the area. Police arrived on scene and immediately discovered a white male suspect (identified as Evan Boomhower) sitting behind the business.  During the investigation, Police learned Evan Boomhower had consumed alcoholic beverages and attempted to drive his vehicle home, but his friends stopped him, taking his keys from him. Evan enraged because his friends wouldn’t let him drive his vehicle; discharged his firearm five or six times toward his vehicle. Police located shell casings on the ground where the suspect said he discharged the firearm.  Police also retrieved the firearm from the suspect’s vehicle along with ammunition.

While still at the scene police received an additional call from a victim explaining their vehicle was at the scene prior to police arriving and as the victim was driving home, the check engine light lit up and upon examining the vehicle a “bullet hole in the truck” was noticed. Police responded to the victim’s location to examine the vehicle and noted six bullet holes to the hood of the victim’s vehicle.  No injuries were reported.

Evan Thomas Boomhower was transported to the St. Lucie County Jail without incident.

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