27 yo arrested for Apple Watch bait & switch

27 yo arrested for Apple Watch bait & switch

A 27-year-old man was arrested  on Friday.  Deputies said he tried to pull an Apple Watch bait and switch scam at a Target store – twice.

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office says a Daytona Beach man came to a Target store twice, attempting to refund an Apple 2 Watch he claimed to have purchased at the store.

Deputies say the man was given a $400 refund for the watch and was confronted by loss prevention officers who recognized him.

Authorities discovered inside the Apple 2 box was an Apple 1 version of the watch. According to authorities, the man admitted to purchasing the watch on eBay, then placing it in the box for a full Apple 2 refund. He also told deputies this was not his first time doing so.

The scam is one that he had been practicing across the state. Authorities say he confessed to pulling the same scam in Boynton Beach, and received a refund for over $800. The man was arrested and charged with scheme to defraud.

Thousands of dollars in cash and the man’s Lexus were seized by authorities.


July 10th 2017

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