2022 St. Lucie County Fair Midway Highlights

2022 St. Lucie County Fair Midway Highlights

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – Strates Shows, Inc, one of North America’s leading outdoor amusement providers, returns to Fort Pierce, Florida February 25th to March 6th for the St. Lucie County Fair. The St. Lucie County Fair is the largest annual event on the Treasure Coast. Updated gate and midway promotions are available at: https://www.stluciecountyfair.org. Strates Shows will provide over 40 rides and attractions at this year’s Fair. Midway highlights include:

Creating Family Moments

Dream Wheel – Enjoy a panoramic view of the St. Lucie County Fair Fair from 72 feet above the ground high while riding in a family sized gondola. At night, the Dream Wheel’s translucent tubs absorb the multiple colors of the super spectacular LED lighting. (40” minimum, 40” to 56” must be accompanied by a responsible patron)

Cuckoo Haus – It’s Wunderbar! Celebrate Oktoberfest as you walk through challenging and adventurous obstacles located at every twist and turn of this unique funhouse. (42″ minimum)

Haunted Mansion – It’s always the season for scares and screams! A classic midway “dark ride” perfect for a “first date.” On this spooky mystery journey, you’ll encounter frightening creatures like the “hanging man” and eerie sights like the electric chair. (42″ minimum, 36″ – 42” may ride with an adult).

Merry-Go-Round – Strates Shows merry-go-round has been a memory maker for fairgoers of all ages. This carousel constructed by the legendary Allan Herschell Company is a timeless favorite on the midway and has become one of the “first” midway rides ever ridden by thousands of children and their families. (42” minimum unless accompanied by an adult)

Monkey Maze – Step inside this classic, two-story glasshouse and experience the fun of finding your way through the maze. Look for the hidden staircase to the top deck and slide down for the finish. (42″ minimum, 36” to 42” may ride with an adult)

Maximum Thrills!

The Claw – Experience the ultimate sensation of speed, rotation and swing on ONE ride! As its large arm lifts into the air, those daring enough to ride from one of its suspended seats will get a 360-degree view of the surroundings…but only if they can keep their eyes open! (48” minimum, 77” maximum, 220 lb. maximum)

Sky Flyer – High-altitude fun! This 98-foot-high vertical swing can be seen “dancing in the sky” above the Strates Shows carnival. As 24 riders slowly rise to the top, the tower begins to rotate and centrifugal force kicks in! The Sky Flyer offers adventure thrills as well as a panoramic view of the midway. Fairgoers on the ground will be sure to have their cameras out to capture the Sky Flyers’ dazzling array of LED lighting. (48” minimum, 79” maximum)

Wave Swinger – This ornately decorated giant swing set takes riders flying above the carnival crowds below. Riders are seated in one of the ride’s many suspended basket seats. As the Wave Swinger starts up, the whole structure rises and begins to rotate clockwise. When it reaches it maximum height, the ride tilted to provide an added thrill! (42″ minimum, 230 lb. maximum)

Rock Star –Shaped like a giant, LED covered guitar, riders will take to the “stage” and experience a thrilling, modern-day magic carpet ride. This performance will have you soaring up and over, around, and down, for a great free-fall experience. (42” minimum, 300 lb. maximum)

Zipper – This classic attraction still generates the ultimate in flips, spins and screams! A unique thrill ride rotating freely on an off-center axis while passenger cars move around the main boom. The boom rotates on its own axis creating chaotic ride patterns. (48″ minimum)

Giant Wheel – Truly the “King of the Midway!” At 105 feet in height, Strates Shows majestic Giant Wheel dominates the fairgrounds and the surround community. A spectacular sight day or night, the Giant Wheel comes alive when the sun goes down with an all-new display of LED lighting. It is the best ride to take an awesome selfie with friends as you’ll have a one-of-a-kind view behind you! (48″ minimum unless accompanied by an adult.)

About the Strates Shows – The Strates Shows is a 99-year-old family-owned and operated outdoor amusement and carnival business with headquarters in Orlando, Florida. Founded in 1923 by Greek immigrant James E. Strates as the Southern Tier Shows in Elmira, New York, the Strates Shows is one of America’s premiere providers of carnival midways. Over the decades, the Strates Shows has brought many innovations to the carnival industry, including cooperative promotions, a centralized ticket system, advance ticket sales, and the FunCard electronic ticketing system that utilizes bar codes to control access to carnival rides on the midway and provides seamless, transparent accounting to partners. The Strates Shows will celebrate its centennial year of operation in 2023.


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