2 men arrested for stealing otc drugs from Walgreens

2 men arrested for stealing otc drugs from Walgreens

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Martin County, Fl-On July 6, 2018, two men were seen inside Walgreens in Palm City hiding several types of medication in their jackets. This included Rogaine, Allegra and Xyzal. Both men went to the register to pay for just one box of Allegra and then continue out the door.

On July 16,  they decided to go back to the Walgreens in Palm City.  Dressed in heavy jackets in the middle of July the store manager was able to identify them.

This time they were after Zantac.

The Store Manager called the Martin County Sheriff.   Deputies were able to stop the vehicle shortly after leaving Walgreens.

Inside the vehicle deputies located three black plastic bags containing the stolen merchandise.

The pair were taken to the Martin County Jail.

They were identified as Kaliym Hamilton and Jonathan Galdino both of Davie, Florida.  The charges were Grand Theft of Property.

I bet they have heartburn now.

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