2 Grow Houses uncovered in PSL

2 Grow Houses uncovered in PSL

Two Marijuana Grow Houses uncovered after Port St. Lucie Police respond to a home invasion call.

Port St. Lucie Police arrested Victor Garcia Hernandez on Feb 1, 2017. The charges are for grand theft of utilities, trafficking in Marijuana, producing Marijuana, and possession of Marijuana with intent to sell. This was discovered after police responded to a home invasion call in the 2200 block of SW Lawrence Street.

The investigation began on January 31, 2017 at around 11:50 pm. Port St. Lucie Police was dispatched to a report of a home invasion located in the 2200 block of SW Lawrence Street.  The call came in on a non-emergency line from Okeechobee.  It stated that unknown persons broke into the house on SW Lawrence Street and was assaulting the occupant inside the home. This person was later identified as Garcia.  Once on scene police observed the front door kicked.

Once inside the home police found a hastily harvested Marijuana grow operation.  Police also found a pair of zip ties inside the house. This  was evidence that someone had been bound inside the home.

Then this happened

Then, police received information regarding the homeowner. The homeowner was  an Okeechobee resident. She  called the police because she witnessed an unknown number of assailants that broke into the home on SW Lawrence and was assaulting her son. Her son was  Garcia, who was at the home.

Police later received a call from a nearby Walgreens that a man was claiming he was just robbed.  Police located the man who turned out to be Garcia.  Garcia told police that while he was at the home on SW Lawrence Street unknown persons entered the home.  Then, they tied him up then stole the Marijuana plants that were growing inside the home.

Further investigation into the incident led police to another grow house located at 2285 SW Plymouth Street in Port St. Lucie.  Police then secured a search warrant for both houses. (SW Lawrence Street and SW Plymouth Street) They found that both houses were being used for the manufacturing and growing of Marijuana.

At the SW Lawrence Street grow house, police recovered over 50 pounds of Marijuana, high intensity lighting, power ballasts, harvested marijuana plants, and a dangerous utility power diversion used in the theft of utilities.  Police also located a shed in the back of the house that was being used to grow start up Marijuana plants.

At the SW Plymouth Street grow house police recovered over 60 pounds of Marijuana, high intensity lighting, power ballasts, and a dangerous utility power diversion used in the theft of utilities.

Police were unable to locate a DVR or any other recording of the home invasion.

Police arrested Garcia for the crimes committed at the SW Lawrence Street grow house.  Charges are pending for the SW Plymouth Street Marijuana grow house.

Port St. Lucie Police Detectives are currently investigating the home invasion robbery. They are asking if you have any information on any of these cases or recognize the suspects to call the Port St. Lucie Police Department at (772) 871-5001 or Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers at 1-800-273 TIPS.

Please click the link below to view photos from the SW Lawrence Street investigation


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