You’re not sick—you’re starving

You’re not sick—you’re starving

You’re not sick—you’re starving

By: Bob Livingston

A basic misunderstanding the American people have about food is that calories are the same as nutrition. All foods have calories, but only a very small amount of foods have nutrition.

Commercial food processors, which produce hundreds of thousands of tons of empty foods containing calories without nutrition, capitalize upon this ignorance. This has led to a national crisis that I call full belly starvation. This is to say that Americans have a full belly; but nutritionally, they are starving.

Stop counting calories

Diets that count calories without nutrition lead to chronic obesity, diabetes, much sickness, early degenerative disease and death. Few Americans know that consuming calories has little to do with consuming nutrition. Junk foods loaded with calories give the sensation of a full belly even when no nutrition is taken in. This is a sinister and silent syndrome of starvation that so-called health authorities never address and of which the public is unaware.

Body reserves are easily exhausted and chronic and regular sickness is the rule rather than the exception. Perplexed doctors don’t have a clue. Antibiotics, statins, proton pump inhibitors, steroids, blood thinners and anti-diabetic drugs are the only things in their bags of tricks.

Ongoing malnutrition

The last thing an allopathic doctor considers is that his patients are not sick but that they are starving. They are not deficient of the latest new drug or chemical; they have chronic and ongoing malnutrition. No person has yet been born who was born deficient of the latest “miracle drug.” Yet the first thing the doctor does is to prescribe a drug or drugs rather than consider the patient’s eating habits.

The problem is that a full belly doesn’t know the difference between just calories and nutrition. Even though the results and outer manifestation of malnutrition is sickness, nobody equates the two — neither patients nor their doctors. This ignorance has caused a health crisis upon which commercial food processors and the medical establishment have raked in trillions of dollars.

When the American public thinks of starvation, they think of children with extended bellies and reed-thin limbs. Mass starvation in America is incomprehensible concept to the public. What a foundation for the commercial food processors! They can proceed knowing that there is absolutely no possibility that any significant number of people will ever discover the crime.

If we assume that government agencies know nutritional science and fail to object and warn of our national diet of foodless foods, then could we not assume that starvation is public policy? An agenda can be established upon omission or commission with no difference in results.

All sickness and degenerative disease relate to malnutrition. This means that the public is being prescribed drugs for malnutrition and starvation.

Many researchers in the past and the present know this. But they have no voice in the media, and most of their work is never published. If it is published, it is destroyed or marginalized as quackery or worse.

Disease and sickness are conditions of our own inner environment, not something caused by attack from foreign entities. It is directly related to malnutrition.

Your diet may be full of foodless foods

The human economy is totally fooled in the consumption of nutrition. Foodless foods are by far the biggest percentage of the American diet. These mass-produced nonfoods take the biggest chunk of the American food budget. This trash is beautifully packaged and full of trans-fatty acids, fructose (formerly known as high fructose corn syrup), fillers and artificial flavors.

Probably 80 percent of grocery foods are synthetic chemicals that are not and cannot be fit for human consumption. The other 20 percent is located around the outer wall of the store, where one finds fresh vegetables, meats and dairy. Of course, serious students of nutrition would be hard-pressed to find even 2 percent in this section not adulterated or pasteurized.

These synthetic foods taste good to most people, which builds addictions. Additionally, they cause inflammation and an unhealthy pH balance in the body.

Millions of adults and children eat these nonfoods daily. It fills them up, and they all believe that they have eaten real food. They have really eaten products of chemistry that are totally unrelated to nutrition. This is nothing less than a system of starvation, sickness and death, but huge profits for the commercial food processors and the “healthcare” system.

Most Americans are looking for ways to avoid Obamacare. What better way is there to avoid the regulatory Obamacare regime than by not participating in it, and what better way to not participate is there than to reclaim your health?

Americans do not understand how governments and commerce deceive their own people. Mass starvation through malnutrition of millions of people for profits is the ultimate crime that dwarfs all the wars in history. This crime is against past, present and future generations. It is such a colossal and deceptive conspiracy that not one person in a million suspects it or would believe it if overwhelmed with the facts.

Improve your diet to improve your health

To find nutritional food in America requires knowledge, diligent effort and daily attention. Not many people will make the effort, but they will pay in sickness and disease.

Why not make a vow to yourself and family to improve your health and theirs in 2016? A good place to start is with fresh, whole, mostly raw organic foods. You should choose only wild meats or organic meat from free-range, non-GMO (genetically modified) livestock and poultry.

If you’re looking for dietary guidelines, there’s none better than the Nutritarian Diet created by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. But his diet, which is rated five stars by my friend and colleague Michael Cutler, M.D. in his book “When Fad Diets Fail: Safe, Natural Weight Loss That LASTS!” is really just a breakdown of the broad sensible dietary guidelines above.

Fuhrman’s guidelines are based on the nutrient density of foods. To improve your diet — and, therefore, your health — you should eat so that you have a diet of high-density nutritious foods and eliminate low-density foods and all processed foods and sugars. Ninety percent of your daily diet should be nutrient-rich plant foods.

To determine how much your diet needs to improve, study the nutrient-density scores below. The nutrient-density scores Fuhrman developed are based on identified phytochemicals, antioxidant activity, and total vitamin and mineral content. It is a ranking of foods based on their ratio of nutrients to calories.

Highest nutrient density = 100 points;
Lowest nutrient density = 0 points

Dark green leafy vegetables: kale, mustard greens, collard greens, Swiss chard, watercress, spinach, arugula.
Other green vegetables: romaine, bok choy, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, broccoli, string beans, snow peas, green peas.
Non-green nutrient-rich vegetables: beets, eggplant, mushrooms, onions, radishes, bean sprouts, red and yellow bell peppers, radicchio, cauliflower, tomatoes, artichokes, raw carrots.
Fresh fruits: strawberries, blueberries, other berries, plums, oranges, melons, kiwi fruit, apples, cherries, pineapple, peaches, pears, grapes, bananas.
Beans: lentils, kidney, great northern, adzuki, black, pinto, split peas, edamame, chickpeas.
Raw nuts and seeds: sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, flaxseeds, almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts.
Colorful starchy vegetables: butternut and other squash, sweet potatoes, corn, turnips.
Whole grains/white potatoes: old-fashioned oats, barley, brown and wild rice, buckwheat, millet, quinoa, bulgur, whole grain bread, white potatoes.
Fat-free dairy, eggs, wild meat and fowl
Full-fat diary
Red meat, refined grain products
Refined oils
Refined sweets: cookies, cakes, candy, soda.

Why not resolve to make 2016 the year you address your nutritional — and, therefore, your overall — health? You can begin a health revolution in America.




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