Wrongful death lawsuit involving SLC deputy goes to trial

Wrongful death lawsuit involving SLC deputy goes to trial

Ft. Pierce, Fla- A wrongful death lawsuit filed against the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office is now going to trial.

A judge ruled the case will proceed to trial against Deputy Sheriff Christopher Newman for the death and civil rights violations of 30-year old Gregory Hill Jr.

Hill was shot and killed by Newman on Jan. 14th, 2014.  Two officers responded to a complaint that Hill was playing loud music at the family’s home on Avenue Q. Witnesses say Hill raised his garage door after officers started pounding on his door. Hill raised it about halfway, then immediately put the door down. As the door closed, Newman blindly fired four shots, hitting Hill three times, including a shot to the head that killed him instantly.

Hill’s 9-year-old daughter was sitting on a bench across the street when the shooting occurred. She said her father had nothing in his hands when he was shot. However, Newman and Lopez claimed Hill did have a gun. Court documents reveal that after the SWAT team arrived and went inside the garage, they found that Hill was dead and a gun was found in his back pocket, not in his hand.

The trial will begin sometime this year.

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