A few words with Chase Lurgio before the election

A few words with Chase Lurgio before the election

Today I met with Chase for a bit at Indian Riverside part to clarify a few things before the election.

As you know Chase is the write in candidate for our district one race for commissioner in Martin  County. The presence of a write in closed the race and many of us felt very disenfranchised. I still do. Despite that I have made an effort to get to know Chase. I met his Mom and siblings a few weeks ago. This is a nice family of hard working people.

Chase is well spoken and thoughtful. He is finishing up high school and works with his parents. He lived down here and then his family moved to North Carolina where he had acres of land to roam. It’s a different world from Stuart, Florida. It’s certainly a more trusting place.

Chase really felt that being a write in was just an easy way to break into politics. Today he apologized on his Facebook page.

chase's apology

chase’s apology

As he had said before a friend directed him to Ron Rose. Ron assisted him to fill out his paperwork and then afterwards assisted him to write a letter to the TC Palm. Both these incidents were investigated and I wrote about the handwriting here.


Ron never explained to Chase  what the consequences of his actions meant.

Chase had no idea. He thought it was a good way to get into politics. Ron never told him he was throwing him into a den of wolves. Ron never told him there would be an enormous amount of people angry at him. Chase is such a good kid you can tell he feels bad when I bring this up and he is the sort of person that says “I did it. I’ll take responsibility.” People see this protecting Ron. I see it as integrity on Chase’s part.

Chase did educate himself. He went to someone who he thought was a trusted person in the community. That person, Ron Rose, didn’t think twice about throwing him under bus and putting him and his family in danger. Ron Rose, an experienced political operative with his own agenda in Martin County, took a high school student’s trust and threw him under the bus.

Many people have asked Chase why he did not go out and campaign and he told me it was because there were a lot of threats. I did ask him if the police were informed and he said no. I encouraged him, I still encourage him and I encourage anyone being threatened for any reason to go to the police. He said by not going out and campaigning he hoping the threats would quiet down.

Chase said there was no money exchanged. No gifts. He said he has not had any contact with Ron Rose since Ron helped him write the letter to the TC Palm.

I can say out of this whole mess that I’m glad to have met Chase and his mom his siblings. I’m happy to meet someone who wants to make things are wrong right.

If Chase is not elected to commissioner he hopes to be an entrepreneur like his parents. He is hoping to take some classes at Indian River and eventually transfer to FAU.

I encouraged him and encourage him not give up on the water. He lives on the river and he said he used to go to the sand bar all the time but its hard because there is certain window before the water is gross and disgusting.

He left me with with this and it made me laugh because it is true.

“How could I be any worse that what’s there now.”

It’s true Chase. It really is. So far all we have is dirty ,stinky, gross  polluted water. I think it will take you and your friends to band together to help fix this. No matter what. Please don’t ever give up on the water.


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