Woman arrested for two felonies upon her release from Miami Area Hospital

On 9/20/2016, the Fellsmere Police Department coordinated the arrest of Briana Galloway upon her release from Kendall Regional Medical Center in Miami.

Galloway was in the Miami area hospital being treated for injuries she sustained as a result of crashing a stolen vehicle on I-95, the investigation of which required emergency responders to close all southbound lanes on the Interstate for approximately one hour while Galloway was stabilized prior to being flown the Lawnwood Regional Medical Center in Ft. Pierce.

After the September 2nd incident  investigators continued their investigation and obtained warrants for Galloway for the crimes of Grand Theft (automobile) and Aggravated Battery Upon a Person 65 years of Age or Older.

The warrants were turned over to the Miami Dade Police Department and officers from that organization arrested Galloway upon her release from the hospital.

At approximately 0945 hours on September 2, 2016 Brianna Galloway was at 56 South Elm Street, the home of Victim Elisha Lofton.  During this time an altercation ensued and Galloway attempted to take the Silver 1996 Dodge Pick-up truck owned by Mr. Lofton.   Mr. Lofton told Galloway she could not use his vehicle. Galloway entered Lofton’s Vehicle, started the engine and left the residence as Lofton asked the neighbors watching the incident to contact police. Galloway left the neighborhood briefly but then returned, driving south on S. Elm Street stopping near the front of Lofton’s residence. Lofton then approached the driver’s door to his vehicle, reached through the open window and attempted to turn the vehicle’s ignition off. At this point Galloway began to drive away with Lofton hanging onto the vehicle. Galloway dragged Lofton approximately 110 feet south on S. Elm Street until he fell off the vehicle and into the swale in front of 63 S. Elm Street.  Elisha Lofton completed and signed the appropriate stolen vehicle affidavit.

One of the residents of S. Elm Street video recorded part of the event on his cellular telephone. In a digitally recorded audio sworn statement the witness stated he had observed part of the commotion and then entered his residence on S. Elm Street. He returned moments later with his cell phone in hand. The witness was able to record Suspect Galloway clearly sitting in the Victim’s truck while the Victim was lying on the ground in front of his residence on S. Elm Street. The video recorded Galloway driving away from the scene while the Victim was lying on the ground in apparent pain after falling off of the moving vehicle.

Three additional residents of S. Elm Street were interviewed.   Two said they observed Galloway leaving the Victim’s residence with the Victim in pursuit telling her she could not take his truck. They observed Galloway enter the Victim’s truck and leave the residence and travel northbound to County Road 512 where she turned east. During this time the Victim was asking them to call the police. They observed Galloway driving back down S. Elm Street, traveling south and stopping near the front of the Victim’s residence. They observed the Victim reach into the vehicle and then watched as Galloway drove off. While they did not see the Victim being dragged, they did see him after he fell off the vehicle and lying in front of a residence on S. Elm Street.  One witness stated she approached the vehicle and confronted Galloway telling her to stay.  Galloway claimed she could not stay because she had someplace to go to. Galloway then drove off.

After leaving the residence, Galloway then left the area going south on I-95. While travelling southbound, Galloway was involved in a single vehicle crash, rolling the Victim’s vehicle causing severe damage to it.  Galloway was also injured. Galloway was transported to Lawnwood Regional Hospital in Ft. Pierce.


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