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About West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is like the beating heart of Palm Beach County, and it’s typically celebrated for its eclectic cultural expressiveness and its spirited metropolitan core.

The city of West Palm Beach, Florida, is a hotspot for local art and history buffs and offers a rich cultural offering of museums, galleries, and stages that all reflect the city’s dedication to keeping the arts alive and vibrant in the community. 

There are unending activities in the outdoors as well, with West Palm Beach boasting waterfront areas that rival none.

The verdant parks and preserves are the ideal settings in which to immerse yourself to truly appreciate the raw natural beauty of the region or to take a walk on a sun-soaked beach to relax and unwind.

The adventures aren’t limited to outdoor spaces either, and West Palm Beach offers a dining landscape that is a dynamic blend of sophistication and diversity, featuring a wide range of dining options that range from American coastal fare to international fusion cuisines.

There’s more in West Palm Beach than anyone could hope to see in a day, but there are also some of the most incredible hotels, B&Bs, and resorts to stay at, and you’ll have plenty of time to explore.

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