Victims Scammed out of $5000

Saint Lucie County Sheriff's Office1

Two more victims of scams are out almost five thousand dollars.

The St Lucie County Sheriff’s Office reports one victim received an email from a person using the name “Kristina McIntyre.”  McIntyre offered the victim a job to be her personal assistant.  After agreeing, the victim was sent a check in the amount of $2150.00.  McIntyre instructed the victim to deposit the check and get a money gram in the amount of $1910.00 and to send the money gram to another person in West Africa.  The check the victim received was fraudulent.

In scam number two; the other victim was looking for a job on Craigslist and applied for a clerical/secretary position.  She spoke with the supposed employer, who hired the victim.  The scammer told the victim she needed checks deposited for the business.  The victim was emailed checks in the amount of $2900.00 which she deposited into her account.  The victim was then instructed to withdraw the money from her checking account and transfer it to a Wells Fargo account.  The check was fraudulent.

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  • Posted 9 years ago

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