Vero Police close investigation that killed Holy Cross rower

Vero Police close investigation that killed Holy Cross rower

Vero Beach, Fl ( The Vero Beach Police Department has closed its investigation into the deadly crash that killed Grace Rhett,  a 20-year-old member of the College of the Holy Cross rowing team. 

Upon closing the investigation, published reports say the driver of the van carrying Rett and 10 other members of the team was cited for failing to yield to oncoming traffic. 

Investigators said the driver of the van, Patrick Diggins, pulled in front of a pickup truck driver who had a green light. Diggins, who was making a left turn onto the Merril P. Barber Bridge, told investigators he thought he had a green arrow.  The driver of the pickup truck told investigators he did not have enough time to stop to avoid colliding with the van carrying the rowing team.  The pickup truck collided with the front passenger side of the van. That is where Rett was sitting.

A first responder described repeatedly looking for ways to try to provide aid to Rett. 

Diggins, who was also the Director of Rowing at Holy Cross, retired from the school last week. 

No one will face criminal charges for the crash.

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