Update on arrest of IRC Sheriff Deputy

Update on arrest of IRC Sheriff Deputy

Sebastian, Fl

 Indian River County Sheriff’s Sergeant John Cronenberg was arrested on an active warrant for domestic violence battery.

Overnight, the Sebastian Police Department developed probable cause for his arrest and applied for a warrant.

On April 27,2018 at 3:30 a.m. the Sebastian Police Department received a report of a female who was battered from a physical disturbance.

According the Police she had injuries to her face and forehead.

She identified John David Cronenberg, “smashing” her head into the sidewalk and ground.

The victim was at Sebastion River Medical center. She provided false ID when she went to the hospital.

The Sebastian Police also learned the victim sustained a large “golf ball” size bruise to her forehead with a one inch laceration. The left side of her face was swollen, bruised. She said her pain was a ten out 10 on the pain scale.

An arrest warrant was issued. The charge was battery.

John David Cronenberg  was booked on April 27 at 12:01 PM. His bond of $500 was posted and he was released.

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