Update on Alabama Peanut butter fugitive

Update on Alabama Peanut butter fugitive.

Press conference  with Sheriff William Snyder, Martin County Sheriffs Office, Martin County, Florida:

Brady Kilpatrick was staying on Hobart St in the southern part of Martin County. His sister and her fiancé are also in custody. Dakota Anthony was    arrested. The home belonged to Dakota Anthony’s mother.  The Sheriffs office was notified via tip from the PBSO that Kilpatrick was at that house.

Outside the home was a car with a Alabama license plate

Kilpatrick had no idea that a team of law enforcement was surrounding the community where he was trying to hide out.

According to the Walker County Alabama Sheriff’s Office, the inmates took advantage of new guard. They used peanut butter to conceal an exit door number. When the inmates called for the guard to open the door and let them in a cell, the guard inadvertently opened the exit door allowing the inmates to escape.

Brady Kilpatrick will stay in the Martin County Jail until his transport to Walker County is arranged. Sheriff Snyder said he would see to it personally that the prisoner eats Turkey sandwiches while he is here. No peanut butter for him!

The first eleven inmates were captured within 12-hours of the escape. Kilpatrick was the last fugitive on the loose.

After he escaped, Kilpatrick ran for two hours. He then met up with family member.

“Take me as far south as you can,” Kilpatrick told his ride, according to the sheriff.

He ended up in Martin County.













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