Turn violation, speeding at Barber Bridge caused fatal bike crash

Turn violation, speeding at Barber Bridge caused fatal bike crash

Indian River, Fla-The Vero Beach Police have announced the results of the investigation of the fatal bike crash on Barber Bridge.

On 2/2/18 at 12:38pm, a traffic crash occurred at the intersection of Indian River Blvd and the Barber Bridge between a 1998 Chevy Cavalier being driven by Alton E. Gilstrap and a Cannondale bicycle being driven by Christopher P. Hannon. The traffic homicide investigation included the analysis of evidence from the roadway, inspections of both vehicles, interviews with multiple eye witnesses, and lab reports. It was determined that the Chevy and the bicycle were both approaching the intersection on Indian River Blvd with green lights for their directions of travel. The bicycle began a left hand turn to go east over the Barber Bridge. This violated the right of way for the Chevy. The bicycle was then struck by the Chevy causing the death of the rider, Christopher P. Hannon.

There were two factors that directly contributed to this crash. (1) an illegal left hand turn on the part of the bicyclist.  (2) the speed at which the Chevy was being driven. It was determined that the bicycle operator rode past at least one vehicle which was stopped in the left hand turn lane waiting to turn left. He then illegally entered the intersection before being struck by the Chevy. The Chevy was found to be driving at a speed of 61 mph in a 45mph zone. When the brakes were applied and he was unable to stop in time to avoid striking the bicycle. Had either of these two traffic violations not occurred; this crash would not have happened.

The Vero Beach Police ask you to Please drive safely and obey all traffic laws.

(The bike in the photo is not the actually bicycle but just a depiction of a bike on the ground.)

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