Tropical Storm Erika Struggles, But Still Soaks the Caribbean


Tropical Storm Erika continues to struggle against a hostile environment in the Caribbean Sea, and faces an uphill climb to maintain its identity as a tropical cyclone over the next day or so.

An Uncertain Future: U.S. Threat?

Beyond that, the forecast continues to have a large amount of uncertainty.

First, Erika may not survive the hostile environment over the Caribbean the next day or so. The steering pattern and a somewhat more conducive environment for strengthening may be in play after that if Erika can survive.


  • Tropical Storm Erika is located near the coast of the Dominican Republic, but is still very poorly organized.
  • Tropical storm warnings continue in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, the Turks and Caicos, and the central and southeast Bahamas.
  • Deadly, destructive flooding has been reported in Dominica, in the Lesser Antilles, Thursday. Strong wind gusts were reported in St. Croix and St. Thomas.
  • Erika will bring locally heavy rain and gusty winds to drought-suffering Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Hispanola.
  • There is potential for Erika to dissipate as a tropical cyclone over the mountains of the Dominican Republic.
  • Erika’s future track and intensity late this weekend and beyond remains highly uncertain regarding potential U.S. impact, which could occur anywhere from the Florida peninsula to the Carolinas.
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